According to the punchthe Obi billboard located on the flyover of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University temporary site was dismantled on Saturday 14 January 2023.

the billboard of Chief Victor Umehthe LP party candidate for the Anambra Central Senatorial District was also ousted.

The Anambra state government said that by August 2022, political candidates were required to obtain campaign permits and pay campaign fees before mounting their ads on billboards.

Presidential candidates were asked to pay N10 million, Senate candidates were asked to pay N7 million, House of Representatives candidates were asked to pay N5 million, and state House of Assembly candidates were asked to pay N1 million as auditing fees. campaign.

Speaking about the dismantling of the Obi billboards on Sunday, January 15, 2023, ANSAA Director General Mr. Tony Ujubuonu he said the tearing down of the billboards was not political as implied.

He maintained that the affected candidates did not comply with the established procedures.

“In August and October 2022, ANSAA sent a letter to all political parties in Anambra to obtain political campaign permits that would allow them to enjoy statewide campaigns and have access to rented public media and available outdoor public spaces.

“Prior to starting the enforcement in November 2022, ANSAA ran week-long paid awareness announcements in the media in case anyone missed previously formally communicated information.” Ujubuonu said.

In reaction, the State Chairman of the Labor Party, Mr. Ugochukwu Emmanuel, said the LP’s request for streetlight pole advertisements had been rejected, adding that the state government allowed other candidates to use the poles for their political campaigns.

“We paid in obedience to a government order. Our request to mount mini billboards on street light poles along the expressway was rejected but it is evident that the same billboards of other candidates from other parties are being erected on the same poles,” he said.