According to him, his commitment is to retake the state government and return it to the masses.

Adediran, in his grassroots engagement with Igbo traders and leaders, vowed to treat them and other ethnic nationalities residing in the state fairly.

He said: “Your rights will no longer be infringed.

“We know that you play a very important role in our state’s economy. No one will harass your business premises when the Governor of Lagos State emerges.

“All the money you bring into our economy is doing a lot. I thank you for it. Anyone who appreciates the role you play in the economy will make sure no one bothers you in your business.

“We will make sure that the vehicles that transport your containers have free passage to your commercial facilities because the goods are for the growth of the community where they are located.”

He assured NdIgbo merchants of the protection of their businesses and investments in the state.

“I will make sure he feels comfortable in Lagos State because he considers Lagos State his home. Rest assured, I would consider it as one if we were in Lagos.” he said.

While expressing his thanks to Adediran for coming to them personally to request their support, Christopher Elu, The president of Mega Auto Parts, Association of Allied Merchants (MAPATA) said he was satisfied with the performance of the PPD candidate.

Eluu assured him that the group would vote for any candidate who showed concern for their welfare and would not bother them in their business premises.

“We have mobilized our members and told them to get their Permanent Voter Cards (PVC) and we have also made a decision on who we are going to vote for,” Aluu said.

Similarly, in another interactive session with residents of the Nigerian Railway Compound on the Tejuosho Estate, the PDP candidate assured them that he would lead a humane government and put people first in all policies and programs.

Adediran said his grassroots engagement in various districts in each of the local government areas was necessitated by the need to have first-hand information on the challenges people face and how to address them.

He said that his choice of Funke Akindele as his running mate was to serve the needs of women and their children and pay attention to them.

He reiterated: “It is time to have a Lagos that appreciates the contribution of non-indigenous people, and we would take them as one of us and wherever they exchange, we would stop any form of harassment.”

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Adediran and his campaign train also engaged with other socio-cultural, community and business groups, asking for support.