The chairman of the Lagos State Special and Environmental Crimes Enforcement Unit (Task Force), Shola Jejeloye, has set up a panel to investigate the alleged extortion of a journalist by agency officials.

PUNCH Subway had reported on December 22, 2022 that journalist Babajide Guerrero accused some task force officials of charging him N100,000 after accusing him of committing a traffic offence.

After the publication, the sports journalist was invited by the president of the agency.

Guerrero told our correspondent that Jejeloye called for the immediate arrest of the culprits.

He said: “Officer Adeyemi, whom I said was responsible, was called, but he did not show up; They brought all the Adeyemis from the agency to me for identification, but none of them were him. I was surprised by the professionalism with which the president handled the matter. He called for the arrest of all the officers responsible for the extortion.”

He confirmed that the money was later returned to him.

The Task Force’s Director of Press and Public Affairs, Raheem Gbadeyan, stated that the officers were under investigation.

He said: “The officers have been invited for questioning and as we speak they are under scrutiny. The president has established an investigative panel to look into the matter; he is not going to take it lightly with any of them.”

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