A doctor from Nasarawa State, Dr. Ahmed Isaiah, died of Lassa fever at Abuja National Hospital.

Members of the Nigerian Medical Association in Nasarawa state held a procession for the deceased in Lafia on Tuesday, for the doctor who died on December 31, 2022.

The president of the NMA in the state, Dr. Peter Attah, confirmed that the deceased died of problems related to health risks, specifically Lassa fever.

“As an association, we found out when he was already dead, but from our investigation, the disease started as a fever, but he continued to work even when he was undergoing treatment.

“While on duty on December 24, 2022, he collapsed in the theater while performing surgery on a patient and his family had to take him to Abuja National Hospital.

“Unfortunately, we lost him,” Attah said.

He added that an autopsy confirmed that Dr. Isaiah died of Lassa fever.

Attah regretted that the deceased had to go to work and tried to operate on a patient even when he was sick, as there were only two doctors at the General Hospital, Garaku, Nasarawa State at that time.

“How can just two doctors run an entire local government area of ​​more than 150,000 people? Obviously, the workload was too much.

“The government should employ more doctors and introduce incentives to reduce the brain drain in the state,” he said.

Attah added that the deceased, who graduated five years ago, died in his prime, leaving behind a wife, children and loved ones.

The NMA president urged the Nasarawa state government to also increase risk allowances for doctors and to immediately start paying call allowances.

Addressing the association, the Chief Medical Director of the hospital’s board of directors, Dr. Egba Edogo, consoled the association for the loss of Dr. Isaiah, who was an employee of the board.

He noted that the deceased was very dedicated to his duty while alive and was good to those who worked with him.

Edogo said the board was still reeling from Dr. Isaiah’s death and prayed to God to give his loved ones the strength to bear the loss, forgive his shortcomings and grant him eternal rest.

He added that the source of Lassa fever has not yet been confirmed.

Edogo advised health workers to be more vigilant when it comes to identifying possible patients and taking precautionary measures when caring for them.