Dr. Charles Oludare, a former personal physician to the murdered lawyer, Bolanle Raheem, condemned the killing of the pregnant woman by a police officer.

Raheem was shot dead by a policeman, ASP Drambi Vandi, in the Ajah area of ​​Lagos state on Christmas Day amid many reactions across the country.

Speaking about the incident, in a statement on Saturday, the US-based doctor blamed the fate that befell the deceased on the Nigerian government’s refusal to practice the state police system.

Charles, who said he was once a doctor to the late Raheem at a private hospital in Lagos, stressed the need for a state police force, saying it would go a long way in controlling criminal activities in the country.

He said, “The lawyer and her unborn child were killed by bullets from a police officer who was probably trying to extort money from them instead of enforcing the law. The hopes and aspirations of two different generations have been snuffed out by the fingers of a criminal officer.

“In the United States they do not have a United States Police; they have several police departments in the city; LAPD, NYPD, DALLAS PD, CHICAGO PD, etc.

“When Manchester United player Mason Greenwood was arrested for alleged sexual assault, he was not arrested by UK police, but by Greater Manchester police. This is because all sane climates know that security is local.

“The security demands in VGC are different from the security demands in Ajegunle, therefore people living in those communities should make decisions about how to stay safe.”

The doctor further explained that if the Nigerian state had embraced Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu’s entrenched ideas (on state surveillance when he was Governor of Lagos State), Raheem’s assassination would have been long avoided.