MOJEC International Managing Director and CEO, Ms. Chantelle Abdul, described her nomination for LEADERSHIP Newspapers’ 2022 Business Person of the Year award as a challenge to increase investment and expand supply chain intervention initiatives. value of the electricity sector.

Speaking when the paper’s management team headed by its vice-president, Mr. Mike Okpere, handed her the nomination letter for the award at her office in Lagos yesterday, Abdul said she was deeply honored by the nomination, as although the company it had had a significant impact on shaping the electricity sector, but kept publicity low-key.

“We have operated in silence, but we have made giant strides, especially in the metering space and we have expanded into the oil and gas sector and are currently deepening investment in renewable energy to support the federal government’s energy transition program, but all this has not been carried over into the media space. because we want our work to speak for us.

“So I am surprised that LEADERSHIP Newspaper could profile our investments and commitment in the industry and found me worthy of this award,” she said.

He attributed the company’s achievements and exemplary leadership to his mother, who is also the president of MOJEC International Group, Ms. Mojisola Abdul, and all the company’s staff.

The company president, who could not contain his enthusiasm, deeply thanked the LEADERSHIP group of newspapers for digging deep to extract the company’s critical investment profile and the quality leadership the CEO has provided to raise the company’s profile as a leader in measurement sub-sector of the industry.

Earlier, the vice president of the LEADERSHIP newspaper group, Mr. Mike Okpere, said that the management of the newspapers through its board of editors over the last 14 years through a critical examination of the economy, political performances have offered deserving awards to individuals, institutions and companies. entities for their exemplary performance in their various sectors.

Okpere said Ms Chantelle Abdul’s nomination came after a comprehensive profile of her achievements in the energy sector.

“We carefully analyzed the business environment and feel that you deserve to be honored with the award,” he said.

In nominating Abdul for the award, LEADERSHIP Newspapers management considered that one of the key players driving the federal government’s measurement program is MOJEC International Holdings, one of Africa’s leading indigenous measurement companies.

MOJEC has subsidiaries in the energy, real estate and retail sectors with operations in Africa and Asia with thriving meter manufacturing plants and capacity to support the NMMP project.

Manufactures and supplies a variety of meters ranging from: Peak Demand, Total Current, Prepaid Meters, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system, as well as the latest in metering technology, Automatic Meter Infrastructure (AMI) through its sister company MOJEC Meter Company, one of Nigeria’s earliest meter factories and the largest meter manufacturer in Africa.

Mojec International Holdings, led by Chantelle Abdul, has taken the Nigerian electricity industry by storm, placing prepaid meters in the homes and offices of individuals and corporate citizens and ensuring that the government’s promise of fair and accurate payment of electricity bills is fulfilled. .

Ms Abdul, who also heads the Board of Trustees of the Meter Assemblers and Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MMAAN), said: “To mitigate the challenges facing the electricity sector in Nigeria, MOJEC has intensified efforts to ensure a level of stability in the electricity sector. Our priority has been to not only see Nigerians have access to electricity, but also only pay for what they consume.”

The company has a strong presence in Nigeria, Africa and the Middle East, where it offers smart meter manufacturing, clean energy and other business areas. This is just one of the first, as MOJEC is the only player in the Nigerian energy sector to have such footprints around the world. Ms. Abdul believes in the company’s drive for innovation, which has led her to consistently live up to her corporate mantra of “Building a world of possibilities amid impossibilities.”

To mitigate these challenges, the company has intensified efforts to ensure a level of stability in the electricity sector. His priority has been that Nigerians have access to electricity, in addition to paying only for what they consume. It has been a pioneer in the introduction of smart meters in the country and has meticulously complied with its production and installation capacity.

This has proven useful in helping propagate the goals of the government’s agenda in the areas of Nigeria’s metering rate increase; increase local meter manufacturing capacity to strengthen the local meter value chain; create jobs in the local meter value chain and support the Nigerian economy by eliminating erratic billing.

Harnessing the skills of the world’s best researchers, developers and engineering consultants who play a combined role of conceptualizing, designing and implementing industry-standard products, MOJEC pioneered the Mobile MAP initiative, its idea of ​​meter partnership and penetration. , with which Mojec Meter Asset Management Company Limited (M3AC) has been lobbying for more Nigerians to meter properly.

This has seen MOJEC partner with as many as nine of the 11 Power Distribution Companies (DisCos) across the country and install over one million smart meters in the Nigerian market. In addition, MOJEC pioneered, led and introduced Vendor Financing to the industry, enabling five DisCos to deploy hundreds of thousands of meters for the first time in the industry’s history, post-privatization.

Their investments in research and development ensure that these initiatives are maintained with the highest quality and local adaptation, making smart meters extremely durable. MOJEC boasts of 99.999 percent Product Quality Assurance (PAQ). Their product quality assurance is based on a strong R&D team providing significant contribution to modify the standard measurement of their Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners by tailoring the meters with local Nigerian factors to make them their products are robust and durable.

MOJEC’s state-of-the-art Advanced Measurement Infrastructure (AMI) monitoring system emerged as a key factor in meter tracking on the DisCos and also helped to easily monitor and track field meters. The AMI system is currently implemented in partnership with Port Harcourt DisCo, Ibadan DisCo, Ikeja DisCo, EKO DisCo, Enugu DisCo, Abuja DisCo, Yola DisCo and Jos DisCo, enabling automation and enabling DisCos to read, monitor and manage the revenue collection.

It is in the energy sector that the name of Ms. Chantelle Abdul sounds familiar. She oversees MOJEC’s state-of-the-art electricity meter manufacturing facility in the country with a production capacity of four million meters per year designed to serve local African markets.

He has grown the family business to become the largest smart meter manufacturer in West Africa and has expanded the company’s portfolio from meter manufacturing to include power generation, transmission and distribution services. He oversees a portfolio of companies including: Mojec Meter Asset Management Company, Virtuitis Solaris Power, Mojec Meter Company and Meter Service Hub.

Based on these achievements, Chantelle Abdul was announced as the 2022 LEADERSHIP Business Person of the Year at the upcoming LEADERSHIP Conference and Awards to be held on 31 January 2023 at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, FCT.

This honor is the backdrop to his leadership role in MOJEC, becoming the largest local manufacturer, distributor and installer of smart metering and energy solution service providers in sub-Saharan Africa, as well as playing a leadership role in the massive government measurement effort.

Registered in 1985, MOJEC International Holdings has grown to become Africa’s leading electrical engineering procurement and construction (EPC) contractor for electricity distribution companies and other African utilities on transmission and distribution projects. His vision is to list the company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to give it international stature.

With a network of engineers and installers, it has increased market share from 20% to 80% with eight out of 11 Nigerian utilities as clients. Over the years, he has led MJOEC to become the largest manufacturer, distributor and installer of smart metering services, power generation and energy solutions in sub-Saharan Africa.

“No company has contributed as much to closing the measurement gap in Nigeria as MOJEC has. Today, MOJEC has produced and installed more than one million smart meters in Nigeria with a presence in nine of the eleven DisCos (Distribution Power Companies) across the country,” said Ms. Abdul.

With ambitious future growth plans, it aims to further entrench the company’s leadership in the Nigerian energy sector through research and development, human capital training and investment in infrastructure, our people, products and processes. . Ms. Chantelle Abdul has grown MOJEC International Holdings from a small family business in Nigeria to an energy company that has helped modernize the Nigerian electricity market. Now, she’s thinking even bigger.