Lions Clubs International, District 404B1, Nigeria, has called on healthcare stakeholders to raise awareness of childhood cancer.

District Governor, 404B1 2022-2023, Kema Ashibuogwu, during a new year party and Melvin Jones dinner and awards, explained that the club decided to choose childhood cancer as its project realizing that most Nigerians They did not know that childhood cancer existed.

At the dinner, titled ‘fundraiser for children living with cancer’, Ashibuogwu said: “No one paid attention to childhood cancer. I needed something different like my course in the club, so when I talked to some of my friends they told me that childhood cancer doesn’t exist, that’s how I found out that awareness of childhood cancer is low and decided to choose it. A lot of people need to know that children can get cancer and we decided to raise awareness about it.”

He explained that the club would raise more funds for the treatment and diagnosis of childhood cancer, adding that parents should avoid self-medication.

“We gave N2m to children living with cancer in 2022. Many parents don’t have the money when their child is diagnosed, leaves them and runs away or goes to the pharmacy to self-medicate, and he or she gives up. .”

Also speaking, the 2nd Deputy District Governor, Mr. Samson Abodunrin, said: “Nigerians should accept the information, stop trying undiagnosed treatments through the traditional method and take children to hospital when they are sick.

“At the Lions Club we believe that when people are educated, the problem is solved by almost half. We believe that the cost of cancer treatment is high, we decided to gather resources to help those who face the challenges.

“We decided to address the problem early in children where the cancer survival rate is very high. ”

During the awards presentation, awards were presented to 11 Melvin Jones, 11 club members, 13 members from the region, 20 members who had contributed immensely to the growth of the Lions Club.