• Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi has listed some of the things he would do if elected president of Nigeria.
  • Speaking during the Cabildo de los Pueblos, the former governor of the state of Anambra said that the fuel subsidy is an organized crime
  • Going further, he promised to dismantle the confusion in the Port Administration and declare war on the Electric Sector

Ahead of the 2023 presidential election, Nigerians have continued to question the candidates of the respective political parties.

Recently, Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi and his running mate Senator Datti Baba-Ahmed were special guests on Sunday at Peoples’ Town Hall.

Peter Obi has listed some of the things he would do if elected President of Nigeria. Photo credit: Peter Obi
Source: Twitter

In the act that took place in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), the standard-bearer of the LP and his compatriot discussed their plans for the country in case they are elected.

These are the main things they said:

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1. The fuel subsidy is an organized crime

Peter Obi, if elected, will see to it that the subsidy is removed.

“I can assure you that he will leave immediately. The subsidy -I have said it before- is organized crime and I will not allow it to stay another day.

“What they are telling you is not what it is. Half of what is said is not a grant. The first is that we consume the amount that is not supposed to be consumed here. We are the same population with Pakistan. They consume less than 50 percent of what we consume.

“So the first half, I’ll take it away and give the people who drink it water, because that’s what they’re supposed to drink, so we can save money.”

2. Discuss with each shaker

The LP presidential candidate promised to discuss with the agitators.

“We are in a democratic dispensation; one governs by discussing, one governs by consensus. So, I will sit down and argue with all the agitators without exception by name. We must use the carrot and stick (approach).

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“I will argue with those who want to argue. You have to look at what is causing agitation today; They are questions of injustice, questions where there is no justice, questions that have to do with poverty, unemployment”.

3. Dismantle the confusion in Port Administration

Obi said that he would dismantle the confusion in the Port Administration and make the country work.

According to him, the reason ports seem to be operating inefficiently is because people feed on inefficiencies and as such they need to be eliminated. He added that it will allow the private sector to build ports and run them in collaboration with the government.

4. Declare war on the energy sector

The LP candidate promised to copy what was done in South Africa and Egypt to address the issue of power generation and distribution in Nigeria.

He said:

“We have to open up like South Africa has done. They have power issues like us, even [though] there are 60 million and they are generating almost 40-odd thousand, declared [a state of] emergency and said that anyone can generate up to 100,000 megawatts without a license,” Obi said.

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“If someone who has 60 million (sic) generating almost 50,000 declared [an] emergency, here we declare war on power. If it will consume everyone, it will consume us, but we will get energy.

“Egypt did the same. Egypt had about 20,000. One of his studies showed that power is a critical issue. Today, Egypt is generating nearly 50,000. In fact, Egypt is exporting energy to Europe. If these things can be done around us, South Africa and Egypt, why not Nigeria?

5. Most Productive Nigerian Women

Obi said that women are more productive in Nigeria and are less corrupt compared to their male counterparts.

“I can say it without anything; women are more productive in Nigeria than men on any day at any time. I worked with them when I was in the banking industry, they saved the bank. When they believe in something, they go for it.

“I want our men to do the same. And they (women) are less corrupt; they are easily satisfied with little. Men will go on and on forgetting that it is public money that they are taking. I’m so sorry about that, men. I am one of you, but I have to tell the truth of what I observed.”

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6. No one can say that I stole public funds

Obi is happy that no one blames him for refusing to steal public funds.

“It’s good that when my opponents talk. Let’s talk about corruption. One of the things that is killing this country today is the Corruption Perceptions Index, which is measured by how you manage public goods, nepotism, how you share the land, how you manage your money and everything.

“I have challenged everyone to say: ‘Go and see if there is a kobo of the Anambra State money missing.’ Saving has now become a problem. When people have stolen all the money and impoverished the country and now you’re questioning a man who left the money without anyone telling me to leave it and go.”

Finally, the Labor Party reacts to the support of Obasanjo, Edwin Clark to the presidential candidacy of Peter Obi in 2023

The recent endorsement of Peter Obi by a former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, and an elderly statesman, Edwin Clark, continued to provoke reactions.

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The Labor Party, the political platform under which Peter Obi is running for the 2023 presidency, has also reacted.

According to the party, more endorsements are expected from top political leaders and well-meaning Nigerians.

Source: Legit.ng