“We also acknowledge the signing of the electoral bill”, say the CMSN members in the statement at the end of their conference which was held under the theme “Intergenerational dialogue: towards building synergy in consecrated life in Nigeria”.

“We are urged to be faithful to prayer and encourage all Nigerians of voting age to collect their PVCs, go out and vote and vote for credible candidates, avoid electoral fraud and violence, buy and sell votes,” they add.

In their January 13 statement, CMSN members “recognize the great value of dialogue as a way to penetrate different generations and build synergies” and call on consecrated persons and all people to “embrace dialogue ”.

They go on to highlight some recommendations for a true and concrete dialogue in Nigeria, and call on the people of God in Africa’s most populous nation to “engage in intergenerational dialogue to promote peace, unity and resolve conflicts.”

CMSN members also advocate for the promotion of “mutual respect and kindness from our families, faith communities, and society at large.”

“There must be openness to the language of different generations for a better understanding,” they say, adding: “There must be sincere and honest interaction between individuals.”

They further say: “People should be more intentional about intergenerational dialogue by creating opportunities for it, integrating dialogue into initial and ongoing formation.”

Referring to Pope Francis address to young people and older adults in 2018, CMSN members point out: “Dialogue requires trust between participants who need to listen to each other, share points of view, agree and work together. This is especially important between generations, between the keepers of memory, the elderly, and those who advance history, the young.

They encourage each person “to work for this synergy. Like the conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan woman in John 4:1-25, we meet the Christ who speaks and listens to us and enables us to discover ways to break down the barriers that separate us, foster unity and fellowship in our world.” .

CMSN members plead: “May God give us the grace for sincere dialogue and genuine peace. May the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Nigeria, continue to intercede for us.”