Justice Minister Abubarkar Malami opened the General Council of the Bar Association on Monday with a call on the leadership of the Nigerian Bar Association not to isolate its members.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Lawyers Council, Malami said the new council would provide an avenue for members to deliberate on the country’s legal issues.

He stated that the council of legal luminaries in the profession will strengthen the ability of the Nigerian Bar Association to deliver on its core values. He stressed the need to stimulate the council by establishing vital structures.

Speaking, the AGF said the Bar Council was established by the Legal Professionals Act and encumbered with functions stipulated by the Nigerian Bar Association Act and Constitution.

In view of its constitution by Attorneys General who are positioned to influence their excellencies, the President and state Governors, Malami stated: “A body consisting of all the Chief Law Officers in the Federation cannot simply be ignored by any NBA leadership, which is truly keen to have a significant impact on the administration of justice and the promotion of the rule of law in general in Nigeria.”

The Bar Association, according to Malami, should be seen as a vehicle to push the development agenda of the NBA, implement NBA resolutions and influence government policies.

Urged the NBA to consider the Lawyers Council as an alternative Board of Trustees or advisory body, a link or liaison to the Federal Executive Council, State Executive Councils, National and State Assemblies, Nigerian Forum of Governors, Conference of Presidents of State Assemblies, etc. .

The Minister advised that the leadership of the NBA, which acts as a vehicle for social conscience, should not seek to isolate its members in government who are positioned to drive its success.

Imploring the members of the Bar Association, constituting as President the Attorney General of the Federation, the Attorneys General of the States, 20 members of the NBA, the AGF commissioned them to dedicate themselves and focus on the development and sustainability of the legal profession. .