A man identified as Ndubisi Uwadiegwu from Enugu state allegedly beat his wife, Ogochukwu Enene, to death over a loaf of bread.

It was inferred that the deceased was from Umuokpu village, Awka, Anambra State, but was married to her husband, who hails from Enugu State.

According to an online tip obtained by our correspondent on Sunday, the deceased’s first child, 14, said his father beat his mother to death with a mirror because she asked him to buy them bread, but he said I did not have money. .

The son added that his mother decided to use her money to buy a loaf of bread for the children, but the father went to the kitchen and ate the entire bread and when his mother asked him why he finished the bread, he began to hit her and hit her. led to death.

Although the relatives of the deceased have not yet made an official statement on the incident, a source close to the family confirmed to our correspondent that the incident took place in Lagos.

The source, a woman, said the deceased was the Head Prefect of Amenyi Girls’ High School in 2000.

She said, “Please Ndi Awka umunnem The GSSA Ogochukwu Older Girls Association needs justice.”

The online ad read: “This is ADA Awka by name Ogochukwu Anene from Umuokpu Awka village.

She was married to Mr. Ndubisi Uwadiegwu from Enugu State, who beat her to death and plans to bury her without properly informing his people.

“Ogo was blessed with five children, four boys and one girl. The first son, who is 14 years old, said that his father used a mirror and hit his mother because her mother asked him to buy them bread and he said that she had no money.

“So when his mom used her money and bought a loaf of bread, the dad went to the kitchen and finished the whole loaf and when she asked him why he finished the whole loaf without saving anything for the kids, he started hitting her, taking her at his death.

“Ogochukwu Anene was the Head Prefect of Amenyi Girls’ High School, in the year 2000.”