The 21st edition of the National Sports Festival will begin on Wednesday and end on December 10 in the Delta State.

Introducing the mascot, Youth Development and Sport Minister Sunday Dare described the festival as one of the biggest events in the country.

Uzo is Eagle who has become the national symbol of Nigeria in the world of sports. It connotes strength, pride, freedom, majesty and longevity of the nation.

The eagle represents the prestige of the athletes who come to participate in the national sports festival as they are all proud Nigerians regardless of the tribe and creed they belong to.

The antelope nicknamed Uzo comes from its body that is shaped like an antelope, one of the most popular animals in the Delta State forests.

The antelope represents the speed, agility and competitive spirit of Nigerian athletes, particularly the Delta State athletes, who have dominated the sports festival for the past decade.

Delta State has won the sports festival seven times, making it the sixth consecutive time for the state. Team Delta won the 2021 Edo State festival with 158 gold, 116 silver, and 110 bronze.

Delta State colors were adopted with the red elements in the mascot and characterize courage, emotions, confidence, energy, passion and courage.

The mascot is a symbolic representation of important aspects of the people of Delta State, Nigerian athletes and Nigerian sports in general.