The trial of Olufemi Olaleye, the doctor who allegedly desecrated his wife’s 15-year-old niece, continued on Wednesday when a doctor at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Oyebimpe Akinbunmi, told the court that the pattern of injuries at the private part of the victim parts showed repeated forceful penetration.

Akinbunmi, the fourth witness in the case before an Ikeja Special Crimes Court, examined the victim after the Lagos State Police Command Gender Section referred the matter.

Olaleye, CEO of the Optimal Cancer Care Foundation, faces two counts of desecration and sexual assault by penetration.

In her testimony, Akinbunmi said that medical tests revealed that the victim was sexually abused by the defendant, adding that according to the history the survivor provided, “the main findings were in the genital area. The hymen was angular, meaning it was ring-shaped and slightly estrogenic. There was a notch at the 9 o’clock position on the hymen and a cross section at the one o’clock position on the hymen. The vagina was also inappropriately visible in more than a third of the lower part of the vagina.

“The pattern of injury I saw was consistent with a repeated forceful penetrating injury to the vagina, a prolonged blunt penetrating injury to the vagina was what I documented and reported to the center.”

The witness also said that the victim narrated how she was abused.

“She said he used to call her in the middle of the night when everyone else was sleeping to come downstairs and he would take off his pants and ask her to suck on his pen**. Sometimes she also sticks her finger in her private parts.

“Then, she (the victim) said that she also applied something like lubricant and that she penetrated her private parts with her pen **. This, she said, happened about four times and he was also giving her pills and threatening to die if she told anyone,” Akinbunmi added.

During cross-examination by defense attorney, Babatunde Ogala, SAN, the witness said that the survivor did not reveal the name of the defendant as her abuser, adding that she also could not say when the abuse started or ended.

However, Akinbunmi said the wound patterns on the victim showed that the penetration was constant and repeated, adding that several factors could affect the healing process, as there could be bruises or abrasions.

Earlier, Investigative Police Officer Esther Igbineweka told the court that the medical report filed on April 15, 2022, which revealed forced penetration, was made after the victim led the officer around the house. where she was abused

“While the investigation was still ongoing, the complainant chose to travel for a program outside the country. Based on this, my CO, Agboola, with the consent of the complainant, released the defendant on bail.

“In the course of my investigation, I found out that the complainant and the defendant are married with two children. I also found that the victim is the niece of the complainant and she started living with them in early 2020 during COVID-19 and the defendant is a doctor and the incident was not reported anywhere before March 29, 2022 when she arrived the case. at my table

“The victim did not report the case of indecent treatment to anyone. I also found out that the defendant denied all allegations of corruption against the victim.”

During cross-examination, OPI said the victim wrote the statement when she was 18 years old.

Ogala questioned Igbineweka about his claim that the defendant wrote in his statement that the survivor was having sexual relations with Mr. Meshach.

The officer said: “At that point in the investigation, said Meshach was no longer working with the Olaleyes and I asked the complainant about the effort to contact him and she said it was unsuccessful.”

Judge Ramón Oshodi adjourned the case until January 26, 2023.