It has often been said that no man gets anywhere without a mental image of where he is going. But what is also true is the succinct statement by former US President George Washington, who said: “Where there is no vision, there is no hope.”

Hope is the vision of the car. In other words, what hope does is give vision the certainty of reaching its destination. That’s the same narrative of King Godswill Nwaeze, aka Only1King, founder of one of Nigeria’s growing cryptocurrency platforms, Kingpay.

Honey is sweet, but what’s sweeter is the story of Only1King, who overcame challenges good enough for anyone not to aspire in life, but determined enough to become a source of inspiration and reference for the generation. that comes behind

The Kingpay CEO was born into a family of eight and had his primary and secondary education in the southern part of the country. As many people would subdue or justify his lack of ambition in life due to so-called ‘inadequate’ upbringing, the serial entrepreneur not only had a dream, but his dream had him; to redefine the global financial space.

“I am from Ihitteuboma LGA of Imo State. I was born in the eastern part of Nigeria (Abia State). I had my primary schools in two different schools: Umuagu Community School and Osusu Primary School, Isialangwa North LGA.

“I did my high school at three different schools: Holy Family High School, CSS Alesa Eleme Rivers, and Aleto High School, Nchia Eleme, Rivers State. My parents taught me the ways of the Lord,” Only1King said.

Being the second born of six siblings comes with its own gigantic responsibilities. The task of making something of an already overwhelming life was another for the young entrepreneur. This sets in motion his desire to improve the way people pay for goods and services by leveraging cryptocurrency.

“I always wanted to move the world forward financially because that is the reason I became a crypto expert and financial coach. You can call me Jack of all trades,” Only1King said while talking about his biography and experience as a businessman.

“I traded in the financial market such as crypto and forex etc, real estate and agriculture to mention a few for now.

Someone like me because I think outside the box, I build more tech projects so I have no limits because I can be heard and patronized globally with no local restrictions.

“I chose to trade cryptocurrencies because it gives you financial freedom with no age limits. In the crypto space one hopes to become a millionaire overnight and also lose value in minutes. Therefore, I also advise you to have a good trainer like me or offer our premium crypto courses to make you stand out from the losers.”

King Nwaeze recalled that he faced daunting challenges big enough to make him give up, including a case where his close friend took all his crypto assets.

“The challenges I encountered were many, but I did not give up. Nobody believed it made sense then, but today, the cryptocurrency market is taking over. One of the challenges expected in this business is liquidation, bankruptcy but not for long, and success,” he said.

Sharing the secret to his success, he encouraged his contemporaries to be unwavering and ultimately operate in the fear of God.

“Making God the director of my businesses has helped me actualize my great business plan,” Only1King said.


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