Notable members of the Yoruba Self-Determination Struggle, also known as Ilana Omo Oodua, led by Femi Afolabi, on Saturday rejected the resignations of Bamji Akintoye and Wale Adeniran as leader and president, respectively.

the punch reported that Akintoye had presented his letter of resignation as leader of the group that led to the emergence of Adeniran as the new president on Monday, December 5, 2022.

the punch also reported that Adeniran, in a two-minute and 33-second video seen on YouTube (Omoboriowo media) on Saturday, submitted his resignation as president due to accusations of fraud and embezzlement against him.

Adeniran said he stepped aside to allow a full investigation into the allegation and asked Yoruba elders to set up a committee on the matter.

However, Afolabi, speaking to the media in Ibadan, insisted that the duo were still recognized as the leaders of the group.

He said: “Akintoye and Adeniran have contributed immensely to the struggle and still have a lot to contribute to the actualization of the Yoruba nation.

“We are not ignorant of the smear campaign by some pseudo-Yoruba nationalists who are paid agents of the Fulani oligarchy to smear and destroy the hard-earned reputation of the duo based on purile and pedestrian accusations that cannot pass a garden-of-the-know empirical verification test. infants. .”

He pointed out that Akintoye’s leadership quality enhanced his revalidation and reaffirmation as group leader to date.

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