Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is reportedly closing its East Africa office in Nairobi, Kenya, after its third-party contractor, Sama, announced changes to its operation.

Sama’s operational changes begin in March 2023, after the content moderation terms of service with Facebook end, as the company would stop policing harmful content to focus solely on computer vision data annotation, aka as data labeling.

The move is intended to lay off 200 company employees and leave several employees without work permits.

Meta first hired Sama in 2007, hiring some 1,500 workers for data labeling and training its artificial intelligence, but his role was later changed to content moderation.

“The current economic climate requires more efficient and streamlined business operations,” Sama was quoted as saying by the Financial Times, encouraging employees to apply for the vacancies at his offices in Kenya or Uganda.

The news comes two months after Meta announced it was cutting its global headcount by 13 percent, or around 11,000 employees, as the social media company suffers from falling revenue, a slump in digital advertising and a fierce competition from rivals like TikTok.

Facebook said it will continue to facilitate Sama’s data labeling services, adding that a new content moderation partner has already been implemented.

“We respect Sama’s decision to exit the content review services it provides to social media platforms.

“We will work with our partners during this transition to ensure there is no impact on our ability to review content,” Meta’s statement read in part.