The Military Pensions Board said it has begun paying Security Disability Allowance owed to eligible retired military members or the next of kin of deceased military personnel.

A security disablement allowance is money paid to retired military personnel to discourage them from using skills they acquired while serving against the government.

More than 90,000 military retirees who retired before 2017 were originally not among those who would benefit from the allowance.

The reason for their exclusion according to the Defense Minister, Major General Bashir Magashi (retired), was that personnel who retired before the law was signed were not entitled to the allowance.

Affected military retirees have waged a series of protests over the past two years to demand payment of their allowance.

However, the President, Maj-Gen Muhammadu (Ret), last year, during the inauguration of the Armed Forces Remembrance Day Emblem and Appeal Fund 2023, said he had approved N134.7bn for the payment of the allocation to all military veterans.

In a statement on Thursday from the Chairman of the Military Pensions Board, Rear Admiral Saburi Lawal, said the board started the payment after an agreement was reached with the retirees.

The statement read: “Sequel to the approval given by the President for the payment of the Security Disability Allowance to retired military members who were not originally covered by the November 9, 2017 effective date and the agreement reached in tripartite meetings. back of the Ministry. Defense, Ministry of Finance and representatives of Veterans Associations.

“The Military Pensions Board wishes to inform our esteemed military retirees and the general public that the Board has begun paying the first and second tranche (i.e., for the first and second quarters of 2023) of SDA to eligible military retirees. /nearest relatives of deceased military personnel.

“The payment, which is in compliance with the Presidential approval of the provisions of the revised 2017 Financial Administration Manual, will begin on Thursday, January 5, 2023.”

Legal retirees who are in your database and retired before November 9, 2017 would be paid.

The statement added: “The recipients of these payments are: military retirees in the MPB database who retired before November 9, 2017, deceased military retirees who were alive when the MAFA was signed on November 9, 2017, and retired non-pensionable who retired before November 9, 2017. November 2017 but only tips were paid.

‘However, our esteemed retirees are urged to note that SDA is calculated as a function of 10% of the retiree’s annual base salary at the time of retirement multiplied by the number of years served in service. ‘”

However, he urged all concerned military retirees and NOKs of deceased military personnel to contact their banks to find out their rights.