Despite the current economic downturn, the Federal Ministry of Youth Development and Sport has budgeted a whopping N1,480 billion in 2023 allowance to take care of snacks/meals, fee settlement, sitting allowances, advertising , welfare packages for intellectuals and others. miscellaneous.

LEADERSHIP Sports noted that the amount is part of the N193,418,082,888 billion allocated to the Ministry from the N21.83 trillion allocation law passed by the National Assembly and recently signed by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The breakdown of the amount showed that the sum of N26,156,222 million was allocated for snacks/meal while N140,668,563 million would be spent on welfare packages.

According to the Federation Budget Office documents, the allocation for the ministry, excluding the four agencies under its control, stood at N8.906 billion.

The document further explained that while total staff cost stood at N2.008 billion, total overhead at N2.232 billion, total capital at N4.664 billion, which equals the total allocation of N8.906 billion for the ministry.

The ministry also allocated 20.579 million for fees and work allowances, N2.334 million for postal and courier services, N4.704 million for medical services, N10.209 million for subscription to professional bodies, N71.698 million for supervisory activities and monitoring. N1.126 billion for sports activities and other miscellaneous expenses.

The documents also revealed that one of the ministry’s key agencies, the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF), was allocated N1.282 billion with a total staff cost of N153,022,511905, overhead costs N153,022,511. and a total cost of capital of N306,183,366.