Kafilat Sorunke, 20, was one of the mothers celebrated on New Year’s Day by the wife of the Governor of Ogun State, Mrs. Bamidele Abiodun. In this interview with DAUD OLATUNJI, the physically disabled mother says that her baby’s father is nowhere to be found.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Kafilat Sorunke. I am 20 years old. I make my living selling drugs and receiving commissions on the sales.

Did you go to school?

I did, but stopped at Elementary Three and was unable to continue my education ever since.

How many children do you have?

This is my first child. She gave birth on December 18.

That was over two weeks ago. Why hasn’t he been discharged; were there complications?

I am still here in the hospital three weeks after my delivery because I have not paid my hospital bills.

How much is your bill?

I dont know.

How did you feel when the wife of the Governor of Ogun State carried your baby during your visit on New Year’s Day?

I was glad when the governor’s wife visited us and brought my baby. She gave us money. I was so happy to meet her.

What about your husband?

I’m not married to the man I got pregnant by.

Where is the man? Is he aware that you have a baby?

Yes, he is aware; he called just to congratulate me when he was informed that he had given birth to a baby boy. But after that, I haven’t seen or heard from him; he has run away. Since I gave birth to the baby, he has not been answering my calls.

What is the man’s name?

His name is Wasiu.

What about his last name?

I don’t even know. Help me beg him to come. I need you to see his boy. He was the one who got me pregnant. When he called, he did not dispute that he is responsible. But he hasn’t shown up since and his mobile line is no longer available.

Where do you think it can be?

I couldn’t track him because his friend that I know also left his house. Therefore, I do not know the whereabouts of him.

How did you meet him?

I live in Alarugbo in Bide-Olude; we met in the area as friends and this turned out to be.

What does he do for a living?

Sell ​​tiles.

Have you named the baby?

He is a boy. I have named it Tobiloba Korede. I also call it Olamiposi. I’m Christian. I am not happy that he (the father) is not here. She immediately received the news that she had given birth to the baby, she became unreachable. I did my best to get him through the people I know with him. I asked for his whereabouts, no one is ready to tell me where he is.

How was the experience for you during the pregnancy period?

My mother made the pregnancy period easier for me. Initially I registered in a trado-medical center. I was transferred here because I had complications during labor. The hospital I checked into was in Bode-Olude.

How was your experience at the trado medical center?

The people there are not professional at all. Someone would just come and dip their hands on my private parts and walk away and when you ask them why they are doing that they say they are taking the baby’s pulse and all. There were many who operated on me. One would come, dip his hand in my private parts and leave; another would come and do the same. In fact, I was brought to the hospital here as an emergency patient. They told me that the baby was very big, but when I got here, they delivered me successfully. We thank God. The doctors and nurses here are friendly. They take good care of me. They didn’t treat me bad even though I still have to pay my bills. Help me thank them.

How did you lose your hand?

My hand was amputated when I was young. I remember him suddenly he stiffened and I couldn’t stretch him. So one of our neighbors forcibly stretched it and that made the case worse.

What happened after?

The hand broke. It started to decompose and before we knew what was happening maggots started crawling out of it. Then they took me to the hospital where they told me they would amputate it and they did.

What kind of assistance do you need?

I will appreciate if I can get a prosthesis.

and if the government can set me up with a provision store, I will appreciate it because I can only trade. I can’t do any professional work. I am unable to learn any vocational skills because of the state of my hand and this has made things difficult for me until the baby’s due date.