Funsho Doherty, Lagos State ADC gubernatorial candidate.

Funsho Doherty, the Lagos State gubernatorial candidate of the African Democratic Congress, ADC, has dismissed reports that the party collapsed its structure for the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, noting that his candidacy and decision to serve Lagos people were non-negotiable.

Doherty said that PDP gubernatorial candidate Abdul-Azeez Adediran (Jandor) had approached him for collaboration, which he (Doherty) refused.

Vanguard had reported on Tuesday that Jandor met with the ADC local government presidents, who had decided to use the ADC structure for him.

Other reports (not from Vanguard) hinted that Doherty may have resigned.

However, in reaction to the stories, Doherty said “Nothing could be further from the truth”, in a statement headlined ‘Staying the Course’ on Monday.

According to the ADC candidate, “I have been struck by some media reports that our party, ADC in Lagos state, has ‘collapsed its structure’ in favor of the PDP.

“Others are suggesting that I may have given up my candidacy. Could not be farther from the truth.


“The PPD gubernatorial candidate approached me looking for a meeting and suggested a collaboration.

“In response, I told him that my candidacy and my resolve to serve the people of Lagos as their next governor are non-negotiable.

“These fake news reports are intensifying as it becomes more and more clear that people choose us as the credible alternative to the ruling party in Lagos. Ours is the candidacy to beat.

“These sponsored efforts are futile attempts to pierce the hope that is awakening throughout Lagos as rich and poor, old and young align with our simple message.

“Your government CAN, SHOULD and WILL make you act in your interest and give you the quality of life, dignity and respect you deserve.

“You must expect us to continue to face resistance to this new order.

“We must remain strong and steadfast. We will fight to the end and with your support on March 11, victory is certain,” he added.