A fast rising Nigerian singer, Kelvin Nduka Okereke, popularly known as TM Cartier, has described his type of songs as a mix of Hip-Hop and Afrobeats, saying that it combines indigenous dance, drumbeat cultural values ​​with strong rhythmic beats and rapping vocals to enrich the musical delight of a wider audience.

TM Cartier, a fast rising Nigerian musician, who in 2018 released a song titled “Bother Me x TJ2Solo” which was seen as an enticing addition to the music industry in Nigeria, said he would come up with another thriller to record a good presence in the midst of today’s healthy competition in the world of entertainment.

Currently committed to his next project, the talented singer is already working with Nigerian dance hall and reggae singer Magnito and a host of other top-ranking musicians to realize his ambition for the year.

TM Cartier expressed optimism that the music industry in Nigeria, as a prosperous one, will favor its business as a creative singer and said that a new year should come with new ideas and a new direction for new achievements.

For this, he said that he has proposed to inspire his fans with songs that entertain them and allow them to have good reflections in their private and business day-to-day life, affirming that “when people listen to my songs, it will help their level of thinking of so that they can get good inspirations to plan their lives and businesses”.

“I am an inspirational singer. My songs are philosophical as the lyrics will remind you what to do well and the best way to relate to your partners. A good song should positively inspire its listeners, and that is the addition that my song brings to the music scene,” said TM Cartier.

“Currently we find ourselves in a moment in which creativity rules the world. Now, you have to figure out what your unique hands and thoughts can do. Animators are initiators, who can bring new things with their power of creativity. Who can think can generate good songs, so be careful with the bang.

“Young Nigerians should embrace creativity, let us come up with new inventions, technology makes things easy, even for singers. These days, you need technology to produce songs, stream your songs, upload and download. Without the proper use of technology, a musician cannot be successful today.

“This is why we also need to localize these technologies to have easy access to them as Nigerian producers and singers. With this, it makes it cheaper and easier to use, and the advantage here is that we can produce more with less expense. Nigeria is a prosperous country, we must explore every opportunity for our benefit,” said TM Cartier.

Stating that the coast is clear for him to prosper as a singer as he welcomes his fans to a successful year, TM Cartier said that the sky is the limit for him to go far in his singing career, saying, “You yourself are the first animator, don Don’t limit yourself, don’t give in to push your plans and make sure that the sky is your limit. We will get there, my songs will rule the world too.

Also, what will make things easier is for both stakeholders and the government to fund the industry so that young musicians can access the resources to develop their talents and make good songs that can compete favorably with others in the industry as well as good exports. for better. profits,” said TM Cartier.