Five-time Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed that his job in Europe is done, having played for the best clubs on the continent.

Ronaldo had this to say in his first press conference with Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr in a deal that made him the highest-paid footballer in the world.

According to the Portuguese, he rejected offers from Europe and clubs from other continents to take on the challenge of developing football in Saudi Arabia.

He said: “So far, I feel great. I am very proud to make this big decision in my life in football. As I mentioned before, my work in Europe is done. And for me, now it’s a new challenge in Asia.

“I am glad that Al Nassr has given me this wonderful opportunity to show and develop not only football, but also the young generation, the female generation and the youth. For me it is a challenge but at the same time I feel very proud”.

The 37-year-old added that part of the challenge he had taken on included giving a different take on Saudi Arabia.

He said: “As I told you before, this is a great opportunity for me, not only in football but also to change the mindset of the new generation. Nobody knew, but I can say now of many opportunities in Europe, many clubs in Brazil, Australia, United States, even in Portugal… many clubs tried to sign me, but I gave my word to this club for the opportunity not only to develop the football but other parts of this wonderful country.

“For me, it is a good challenge. I know what I want and I also know what I don’t want. So, for me, it’s a good opportunity to change, to help with my knowledge and my experience… to help grow in many important ways. Many people don’t know that Al Nassr also has women’s football.

“I want to give a different vision of the country, of football… That’s why I took advantage of this opportunity.”