It is campaign season in Nigeria. The political atmosphere is charged in an interesting way, such that those who are politically apathetic suddenly develop an interest in politics, at least on a conversational level. Political parties are seen trying to convince the electorate what to expect from them and why they should vote for their respective parties. It is not uncommon to see political parties engage in smear campaigns that portray their opponents with bad images and draw the most grotesque caricatures of them. This is not unique to Nigeria or Nigerian politicians; it is one of those elements of democracy that promotes freedom of speech and expression.

A few weeks ago, Gudaji Kazaure was the one making waves. He put CBN Governor Emefiele in the eye of the storm. This week it is Najaatu Muhammad. She’s hogging the spotlight in a pretty unprecedented way. She has become the center of all eyes, including mine. Everyone wants to know about her. The media are piling on each other to interview her. She is exposing what we already know about the All Progressives Party (APC); aka All Promises Cancelled. The Party, at this critical moment, becomes very uncomfortable with her loquacity and had to appeal to her, according to her, to stop firing. She agreed, but was later provoked by being called a mole. However, she needs to shoot because she may end up telling us what we don’t know about the party and the regime, whose atrocities only God knows. We know what we know about atrocities, but God knows everything.

Najaatu Muhammad is a household name in Nigerian politics (especially in the north). She born into a political family, she married a radical political scientist, educated by radical historians at the then ABU Zaria, I don’t expect her to be less radical. She is one of the few voices, if not the only voice, that has been highly critical of this regime as an insider who has been appointed by the regime. She has criticized this government and the president multiple times (especially on the challenge of insecurity) since her first term when criticizing Buhari was taboo and suicidal. I think that could be because she took him (Buhari) into politics, as she proudly claimed. But aside from that, she is known for her instincts and her recklessness. Speaking truth to power is, for her, a hobby. This is the abandoned task of clerics who only perform when one of their own is not in command. This runs through the clerics in the religious division of Nigeria. Of course, there are few exceptions.

In a letter of resignation as Director of Civil Society in the Presidential Campaign Council of the ruling APC addressed to the National President, Abdullahi Adamu, she stated that recent developments in the political and democratic space have prevented her from continuing to participate in the party. politics.

In what follows, he made some damning and damaging comments about his party’s (APC) presidential standard-bearer. Sorry! The old game of him. This led her to resign from the party. According to her, among other things she mentioned, Tinubu has nothing to offer to the North, mentally deranged, physically incapacitated, everything about him is based on lies, he couldn’t hold a cup of tea which could be due to Alzheimer’s disease. She continued: “Asiwaju who I sat with for two hours, he slept most of the time.” I think he was not informed of his presence. Honestly speaking, I find nothing new in what she said. What I find surprising is why she only says it. Knowing all this, why did she agree to be Tinubu’s campaign manager? That Tinubu is “this and that” is public knowledge; an insider like her cannot plead or feign ignorance.

Other than that, Najaatu, after submitting her resignation letter as campaign manager, also resigned from the Police Service Commission as commissioner. A position that she has held since 2018. Hastily and in the blink of an eye, she declared her support for Atiku Abubakar, the presidential standard-bearer of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP). We must not forget that the PDP started the journey that set Nigeria on a path of hopelessness. APC only came on board to complete the trip.

To be fair to her, she sees no future for Nigeria, even in the PDP. She considers Atiku a lesser evil among other evils. In her words “What I am saying is that if I have to choose between the devil and the deep sea, I will go for the deep sea, I will support Atiku, because above all else, I follow my conscience. I’m not doing it for myself, I’m doing it for God and my country”, but should he campaign for Atiku to upset APC and Tinubu? That’s not in my interest anyway. My concern is your admission, along with many other Nigerians, that we are faced with a situation where we have to seek the lesser evil on February 25, 2023. Wasting no time, many have come to the conclusion that there is no they will vote I’m still struggling to decide whether to vote, not APC though.

As it is, is Najaatu’s voice enough to take down APC? It seems that the party is headed for its collapse. President Buhari has made it clear that “Nigerians should elect whoever they want from any party.” If that’s not anti-party, what is? After all, he is about to turn eight years old. Who comes after him is none of his business. His business is to retire anywhere near the Republic of Niger, where he will be safe enough. Similarly, Tinubu alleges that Naira’s “repainting” and fuel shortage are deliberate attempts to ruin his victory and that he will take power away from them. Whose? I’m confused.

You? I pity you. kill yourself defending Tinubu, Atiku or Obi. Fight against all those who do not support but criticize your presidential candidate. Although he believes that his candidate is the Messiah who exclusively has the solutions to Nigeria’s problems, we see that voting for any of the candidates is choosing the lesser evil if we decide to vote. As far as I’m concerned, whoever emerges at the end of the poll is to be pitied. If he intends to clear up the mess, God help him. If he had also come to sting, we (the masses) will only have to return to give ourselves to God for his Mercy. That is, of course, what he has been holding for us. Meanwhile, Najaatu Muhammad! Don’t cease fire. Please shoot. At least we will know our candidates better.

May God help Nigeria and choose the best for us.

Abdulkadir Salaudeen

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