The National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) and the National Metallurgical Development Center (NMDC) Jos, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to work together to revamp the country’s steel sector and other allied industries.

Speaking at the signing ceremony in Abuja yesterday, NASENI Executive Vice President Prof.Mohammed Sani Haruna commented that Nigeria must revive its iron and steel sector as no significant industrialization effort could bear fruit without development of the sector.

The NASENI chief said that in order to operate Nigeria’s industries effectively and sustain the manufacturing sector locally, Nigeria needs to build most of its machines and equipment locally to deepen the impacts of innovations and make the manufacturing of goods and services more become an integral part. of the culture of the citizens.

According to a statement issued by Olusegun Ayeoyenikan, Deputy Director of Information at NASENI, Prof. Haruna explained that for industrialization to be sustainable in any country, the steel, iron, and tools needed to build the machines that are needed to sustain both the production as the The productive capacities of the country, to a large extent, must be developed locally.

Professor Haruna said that “without the full involvement of NMDC and the metal development sub-sector of the economy, it is extremely difficult to industrialize Nigeria.”

Speaking further, the Executive Vice President revealed that the newly signed MoU between NASENI and NMDC was to provide a threshold for the resuscitation of Nigeria’s steel sector and the beginning of the genuine revitalization of Nigeria’s industrial sector.

He said that “the NMDC is the true center of development to make our nation economically viable and the MoU between the Center and NASENI today is to put the sustainable development of the manufacturing industry on the right track.”

Professor Haruna added that the MoU-initiated working partnerships between NASENI and NMDC had been instituted to provide a solid foundation for Nigeria’s iron and steel sector to flourish because the sub-sector is the very foundation of the country’s manufacturing sector. to flourish.

In response during the signing of the MoU, NMDC CEO/CEO Prof. Linus O.Asukwo, who signed the document on behalf of the Center, thanked NASENI Executive Vice President and Management for leadership in promoting science, the technology and innovation sector of the Nigerian economy.

In the MoU are some of the terms of reference that include; equipment and facility support in the areas of metallurgical research and development, mineral research and development, analytical and environmental services, and consulting services in metallurgy, mineral processing, analytical and environmental issues, and capacity building.

Others include; Design, manufacturing, production of spare parts and components, maintenance, repair and training of equipment and machinery, supply of research equipment and shared facilities, joint research and development and trading companies and other areas as both parties may determine.

The NMDC Jos was established as a research and development organization with a mandate to conduct research and development activities for the metals and related industries for the growth of the nation’s solid minerals sector.

On the other hand, NASENI is mandated to provide research and development works in the areas of capital goods, machines and equipment for the purpose of developing a homegrown and sustained industrial development of the country.