Wia dis photo comes from, fake images

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) introduces a new national card scheme called AfriGo.

Di bank says that di card will promote greater use of electronic platforms.

Internal statement from the Nigerian bank’s main post for Dia’s Twitter page, that they hope the new scheme will “strengthen the national payment system and deepen the use of electronic platforms for Nigeria.”

CBN Governor Godwin Emefiele says the bank’s cashless policy does not create value and encourages competition and investment in Nigeria’s banking and economic system, with the new card scheme offering even more choice for domestic consumers .

Wetin be national card scheme?

The Domestic Card Scheme wey di Nigeria’s top bank launching on Thursday is going to rival foreign cards like Visa and MasterCard.

Na CBN and the Nigerian banks, which own AfriGo and Oga Emefiele, say Nigeria is not joining countries like China, Russia, India and Turkey in getting its own national card scheme.

With this new AfriGo card scheme, Africa’s largest economy aims to save di kontri foreign transaction fees they pay for using foreign cards.

This scheme makes it possible for Nigerians to control daily data and address some of the challenges they face with the use of currencies.

The scheme also reduces abuse related to cash handling.

With immediate effect, all card and online transactions will be moved to the national card scheme.

Wia dis photo comes from, fake images

Wetin we call dis photo,

The goal of Africa’s largest economy is to save foreign transaction fees for using foreign cards.

Emefiele explains more

Oga Emefiele says that despite the fact that with foreign cards, card payment for Nigeria does not grow over the years, many of the kontri pipo wey are still excluded.

“Challenges limiting the inclusion of Nigerians include the high cost of card services as a result of foreign exchange requirements of international card schemes and existing card products do not address the local uniqueness of the Nigerian market” said Emefiele. .

This is not to say that international card service providers like MasterCard and Visa are stopping at Nigeria.

Instead, the governor says AfriGo na’s goal is to “provide more choice for domestic consumers, even while delivering services in a more innovative, cost-effective and competitive manner.”

Nigeria, with a population of more than 200 million pipo, still uses mainly cash because it lives within villages without banks.