He The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is set to return to the tube with a newly packaged 30-minute weekly TV show that will take a regular look at Nigeria’s telecommunications and information and communication technology (ICT) industry and raise awareness to telecommunication consumers across the country. and beyond.

The weekly programme, aptly labeled Telecom Weekly, will premiere on NTA Network Services comprising of over 45 stations in all 36 states and Abuja today, Tuesday 10th January 2023, at 5:00pm All local stations are expected to from NTA to connect to the program. at 5:00 p.m. every Tuesday. The radio version of the show will also be broadcast on Thursdays at 8pm on the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) network, for simulcast to all states in the Federation and all local FRCN stations are expected to connect during the weekly program.

The program is expected to add to the Commission’s voice quota on radio and television in an attempt to provide interested parties with timely information on developments and issues in the telecommunications industry.

In addition to simplifying issues around telecommunications services for the average consumer, one of the cardinal points of the program will be the continued creation of awareness among the various stakeholders about the activities and programs of the Commission, as it seeks to achieve regulatory excellence.

User experiences, collected through consumer-related events and vox pop, will be used to bring the program to life and enable the cross-section of telecommunications service consumers to learn from such experiences and apply them in the use of their services. services.

Expert opinions will also feature prominently to facilitate the process of building awareness about the industry. In addition, quiz sessions where viewers and listeners will win prizes will be a regular feature of the show.