Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi said on Wednesday that a new Nigeria is possible under his administration if he is elected in the country’s February 25 presidential election.

Obi promised to bring back a new Nigeria where all citizens would be proud to belong.

The presidential hopeful spoke at the North’s presidential campaign launch event at Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Kaduna State.

The presidential candidate lamented the current situation Nigerians are in, noting that now Nigerians are ashamed to identify themselves as one due to the various challenges facing the country.

He said: “Kaduna was the capital of Northern Nigeria, where all Nigerians were proud to belong, so we started the campaign here in Kaduna. We are about to bring back that Nigeria where everyone was happy to belong.

“Kaduna State represented productivity in the north. He represented what was good in Nigeria. And that’s what we want to bring back. We are tired of hearing stories.”

He also said that if he is elected president in next month’s presidential election, his administration will secure and unite all of Nigeria, adding that the current insecurity in the country is the result of ineffective leadership in taking charge of the current situation.

Saying that Kaduna was supposed to be the most secure state in the country due to the presence of military formations, Obi added: “But there are so many security challenges in the state. We will secure and unite Nigeria. Security will come back again.

“That is why bandits are everywhere and operate almost freely, killing and causing unimaginable destruction of valuables.

“We will restructure the security architecture. Security personnel will be well attended. We will make sure their lives are cared for so that their families are cared for in the event of death.

“Datti and I will change this country of consumption to a country of production due to the high prices of things. All the vast lands to the north will be centers of agriculture. Kaduna State will once again become a processing center. The Agriculture Bank will finance food production in Nigeria and all support groups, youth, women and all Nigerians, your work for the party will not be in vain.

“In the upcoming elections, no one should talk about tribe, religion or section, things are not sold in Nigeria based on religion, tribe or section, but everyone is suffering from the bad leadership of the country.”

In his remarks, Obi’s running mate Datti Baba-Ahmed said those who seek peace and unity in the country must vote wisely in the upcoming elections to ensure the rise of a new Nigeria.

He said: “Nigeria has never had the caliber of presidential candidates that it currently is. Kaduna is the center of good things in the country and he hopes that the people of the state will come out in droves to change the narratives of this country through their votes in electing the Labor Party to power for the good of all Nigerians.”

Also speaking, the party’s Kaduna State gubernatorial candidate, Jonathan Asake, thanked the youth for being a great engine room for the party, as well as the women and support groups.

“There will be inclusion in all spheres of life to improve the standard of living for all Nigerians because the party has good intentions for Nigerians and Nigeria,” he added.