Members of the Southern Senators Forum (SSF) have insisted that Nigeria can only witness progress and prosperity if unity and patriotism are valued by all citizens.

As Nigerians enter another New Year, the senators stressed the need to forge a united nation to strengthen the country’s ties and strengthen it to overcome the writhing worms of corruption, insecurity and economic deprivation.

Forum Chairman and senator representing the Ekiti Central Senatorial District, Michael Opeyemi Bamidele, said this in a statement marking the 2023 New Year celebration on Saturday.

Bamidele made an impassioned appeal to religious and political leaders not to make inflammatory and inflammatory comments that can further widen existing divisions and fan the fires of disunity, which has been the main challenge tearing the country apart.

Bamidele asserted that the country came together through God’s design, and not by any mortal’s knowledge, urging Nigerians to be circumspect of this fact and zealously guard the country’s unity.

Federal lawmaker Ekiti wished Nigerians a prosperous new year, urging them to make the right choice in the 2023 general election, so that the task of building a progressive nation is feasible.

The SSF president added; “We thank God for giving us the opportunity to see the New Year since it is not with strength or with our own strength to see this New Year, but with the help of Almighty God because no one can receive anything if God has not given it to them. . .

“I want to take this opportunity to call on our community and religious leaders to continue spreading the message of peace to all Nigerians, because a nation cannot progress or prosper unless there is unity among tribes and religious organizations.

“We must know that a peaceful and united nation is a foundation and fertile ground for achieving and sustaining progress and prosperity.

“In that spirit of unity and patriotism, we believe that citizens can do well by voting conscientiously in any election without outside influence or incentive.

“We ask Nigerians to do well in the New Year by supporting governments to build strong institutions that can stand the test of time and that can lead the nation to a faster pace of peace, unity, political emancipation and prosperity. economic”.