If Peter Obi is elected president, the National Assembly will not intimidate him or thwart his development agenda for the country, his spokesman Kenneth Okonkwo said.

Okonkwo said this in response to former Senate President Bukola Saraki, who recently claimed that Obi cannot be elected president without having members in the National Assembly.

During an interview on Arise Television on Monday, Saraki expressed fear that if Obi is elected president in 2023, his administration will be marked by disaster.

The former MP said the Labor Party has no candidates to fill parliamentary seats, which he said may not go well if the party wins the presidential election.

But Okonkwo, appearing on the same platform on Tuesday, said the structures that the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, and the All Progressives Congress, APC, boast of are criminality, poverty, insecurity, scarcity of fuel and bad leadership.

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He said that Obi would go in to destroy such structures and bring the country to a new level of productivity and export.

“The structures that the PDP and APC have are crime structures, corruption structure, fuel scarcity structure, poverty structure, insecurity structure and bad leadership structure”, he said.

“I can go on and on. So if Obi is part of that structure, you wouldn’t see me being his spokesman. And that’s why he comes to destroy such structures. Obi is a man… When he was a member of the House of Assembly He had no members of the House of Assembly, none, but he got the House of Assembly to pass everything he wanted.

“He didn’t have a member of the House of Assembly when he came in as governor and this is what Obasanjo would describe as a record of ability and performance.

“What you need to be in control is not to have members in the National Assembly who are as nice and important as they can be. What you need is political will. What you need are strong institutions… Obi will provide leadership…

“No National Assembly can act against Obi because he has to behave badly first. He did not misbehave in Anambra State for eight years. Not even taking the land that he is entitled to or the pension that he is entitled to, how can he behave badly when he becomes president… Obi is coming. He is going to have members in the National Assembly, but what we are interested in is a new Nigeria… Saraki is not right”.

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