By Tony Afejuku
It is time for me to wake up in the New Year in my waking mind to catch the images of the visible and invisible inhabitants who help make this column the stuff of dreams. These inhabitants are my readers whose words see me every time they reach me or are summoned by music of words, rains of breath, which help to seize and define the column.
My readers help me see and feel the beauty and the truth, always bright, always powerful, always lovely, in the things I set out to do every time she tiptoes into the pink sky with her lure of something. I now quote selected readers:

About ASUU and the “conquerors”.
Professor Ademola Da Sylva
TA, our TA! His resilience is incredible, his rare focused energy and optimism has, thus far, continued to serve as the essential fuel that keeps ASUU’s collective fight on course and very safely toward its expected end. There are tricksters and tricksters: When a trickster character attempts to make a society worse than it knows it, the trickster always inadvertently ends up burning his own ship! The same goes for the referenced HoR Spokesperson, no doubt a big trickster, and the current ruling party of him. No country’s leadership treats its academics with this misery and disdain with impunity without serious repercussions in the short and long term. Any further delay by society in taking decisive action against these clowns and self-styled “conquerors” could do permanent and irreparable damage to the twisted psyche of Nigerians and any significant development in the country. TA, payback time is surely near. Health.

Professor Ademola Da Sylva
TA, our TA, eternal and timeless! When this current ASUU fight ends, predictably victorious and hopefully very soon, whether the current government principalities like it or not, his adorable portrait and name written in bold gold will surely grace a prominent place in the nation. Hall of Fame!; but self-constituting con men, trespassers, ultimately a group of Boko Haram elitists, will similarly have their names in the nation’s Hall of Shame! Congratulations on a well thought out and lucidly crafted essay! My appreciation of 2 Kobo! Health.

Professor Ibrahim Bello-Kano
Say oh! Say oh! Say oh! You’ve nailed the jerks once again. Are you earning a reputation as the Jonathan Swift of academic terrorist journalism, or are you the academic-terrorist-columnist-teacher? A student of mine said some time ago that he would soon begin to imitate his writing style. I told him in response that he should wait until he mastered the language well enough. It’s not easy for a PG student to imitate a professor!

anonymous reader
Dear Mr. Afejuku, good morning. I am always looking forward to reading your writings. You are among the three most valued journalists in this country. I have learned a lot from you both in content and form. I am an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Arts of UNICAL. Keep feeding our brains and minds with your language skills, knowledge and experience in journalism. God bless you immensely. The unfortunate thing is that you are speaking to minds that are depraved and have been inhabited by demons. Demons know nothing but evil and oppression. However, there is always a day of reckoning, where the chicken will always come home to rest. Thank you very much sir. Please accept the expression of my dear greetings. May you have a useful and fruitful week ahead as I await your next article, sir.

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A reader from the diaspora
Good afternoon my dear brother. Thanks for the generally brilliant piece from him. It is obvious that the intention of the Buhari administration is to abandon the ASUU file for his successor. Perhaps a bilateral conversion with each of the major presidential candidates should be considered. Have a blessed day and weekend.

anonymous reader
Good morning sir. I appreciate your thoughtful article on cheating beggars, and I love the inclusion of the allegories of the old FIFA World Cup, where the professionals behaved like true professionals, defending the integrity of the game using the best human and electronic resources to obtain the best. better. out of the game. In our national climate, the different interest groups and figures in government and not in government, who begged ASUU to call off or suspend the strike, suddenly fell silent. Even the press and media figures involved in the begging farce are now completely engrossed in the flimsy distracting stories created by the CBN and Naira sector. The courts, which were used by the FGN to force teachers to lift the chalk by force, have stopped advocating for the truth about the debilitating decline of the education sector. A handful of those columnists, like you, who kept a respectful distance and wrote on the subject truthfully, decently and genuinely, are now vindicated for writing factually and absorbingly on the subject of begging and taking a stand. CONUA or whatever the alleged traitors of the academics are called, are allowing themselves to be used to play a nauseating game against their mother union and her colleagues.
SSANU members did not get their comeuppance for listening to beggars. Now we are all waiting… waiting… waiting… as the current administration prepares for its swan song inflicting financial pain on the population with thoughtless monetary policies.

About Pelé: world king of soccer
Professor Owojecho Omoha:
Were you present at the moments when the capture theory was invented? You theorize King Pele’s admiration to get the world’s attention back to coach Izilien. This vitality of your memory lives on in poets, and only memorably poets work passionately to capture readers’ attention, as you do, Afejuku. The year has started with your poetry. Keep up more passionate lyrics until you grab the world’s attention in Nigeria, when Coach Izilien and the rest of us will gracefully dance our backs on criminals in February. This happiness makes more sense when you turn the world’s attention to Nigerians surviving the dark years of our history.

On Pele’s Warri ancestry
Professor Owojecho Omoha
A true African writer must be traditional despite the burden of modernity, from the ancestry, and again, back to the traditions we know. This piece scores high on both points.

suyi help him
Passion and passionate passion! Now to our Waffi enclave. Pelé was a Waffi Boy? This is a bad suspense and only a poet does that! I’ve started counting down the day, until next Friday! Good morning sir.

Suyi Ayodele (On Pele’s Warri ancestry)
No one, I repeat, no one can dispute these revelations. I sat in divination sessions with my late uncle. Reading this article brought back graphic images of those times. The Ifa priest was right, he is right and he will be right forever. This is one of the best I have read. How do we abandon that simple religion, IFA? And about his younger brother, it’s a pity that you didn’t do what Ifa prescribed. It is always so with Ifa, the Atori Eni ti o suhan se (The repairer of humanity). He would have ‘bewitched’ you personally if you had not written this! AFEJUKU VINTAGE!!!!!

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Professor Olu Obafemi (On Pele’s Warri ancestry)
This is a very fascinating treatise, especially because of its intersecting transcendence from the ineffable abstractive to the physical/archaeological referents. The rhetorical strategy of the narrative is suspenseful with the ability to provoke insatiable longing for the object of the story. These days, Africans in the diaspora are evoking DNA identity/descent recovery. Unfortunately, Pele is gone.

Professor Sony Awhefeada (On Pele’s Warri ancestry)
This is thoughtful, enriching and instructive. I wish you would post this when Pele was alive and he would have come home. And how is your little brother now? I am really touched.

Nonso, Owerri resident (On Pele’s Warri ancestry)
Good night, Afejuku. I am totally intrigued by your article on Pele’s Warri ancestry. I am delighted with the eloquence of his pen as it glides across the white sheet of paper and the concomitant satisfaction that warmed my heart at having stumbled upon this great literary work. Let me say that the article is indecipherable and the accuracy of the Ifa Priest’s Divine revelation must be announced to the world. Who knows? Or perhaps Pele’s children would be interested in learning about the tree from which they were carved… Thanks for the great work.

Professor Dan Chima Amadi (On Pele’s Warri ancestry)
Ok, nice historical touch. I couldn’t stop

Roland Uyimulam Aleshi, from Calabar (On Pele’s Warri ancestry)
Greetings Mr. Afejuku, I read your well researched article on Pele’s Warri ancestry. I was very impressed with helpful information and updates on Pele’s Warri ancestry ties. Well done.

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Professor Mabel Evwierhoma (On Pele’s Warri ancestry)
I agree (from personal experience) that the art of divination is a means of discovering deep truths. We might know more about such research, but how can it not be contaminated by selectivity factors and monetary incentives? – That we know what will not lead to perdition.

What can I say but thank my readers and readers, numbered and unnumbered, whose words enchant me beyond any measurable afflatus. My pen applauds your beautiful music of words, whose peroration I would love to let be.
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