By John Michael Eye
Veteran Nollywood actor Nkem Owoh, also known as Osuofia, has stated that he will not give in to pressure from some of his colleagues to get into politics, because he does not want to get caught up in the web of disease that affects The political system of Nigeria.

Nkem Owoh, who revealed this in a recent interview where he described himself as a fearless person, stated that he wants to use his brand to make people happy.

While giving his two-kobo opinion on the upcoming election, the ‘Osuofia in London’ The actor said, “I’ll just go and vote. I have tried to reject Nigerian politics in its entirety even though I know there are still good people in politics but the system is like a sick mesh.

“People have tried to lure me into politics, but I know if I get into this, I’ll catch the disease and I don’t want it. So, I prefer to stay on the flank.

“The country will improve when we have reasonable leadership in all directions. And soon it will come because I can see the noise.

“My neck can’t take it (politics). The thing is, I like where I can smile; You see that I am smiling and you are smiling. Also, I travel and move alone since I am not afraid of anything. If I was in politics, I probably would have gotten to the point where I would be afraid and I don’t want to be afraid.”

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The comedic actor also revealed that unlike the Nigerian political system, the film industry I. Nigeria has been able to build a harmonious environment over the years without any rancor between members, adding that the industry has also become gained recognition from the government that in recent times have been supporting the industry.

“The film industry, and the entertainment industry in general, you don’t see fights between them, but go to the political field and you will see the mesh.

“In general, in the film industry today we have the problem of finances and the problem of recognition by politicians. But now, policy makers know us because we contribute to the country’s GDP. Policy makers are now looking in this direction knowing that this is one of the sources to make money other than oil.”

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