Nigeria has recorded optimal broadband penetration, peaking at 100 percent, according to Minister for Communication and Digital Economy, Prof. Isah Patami.

Pantami said the report that Nigeria’s internet or broadband penetration was still at 43 percent is outdated.

He made the disclosure yesterday at the inaugural digital economy conference of the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture, held at the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Pantami represented President Muhammadu Buhari at the event.

Patami said: “One of the richest people in the world announced that Nigeria, out of 54 African countries, has outstanding broadband,” adding: “As I speak to you today, broadband penetration in Nigeria is 100 percent. hundred”.

President Buhari said that his administration has performed excellently in terms of bringing broader broadband to the people. According to him, from 23 percent coverage in 2019, his administration increased broadband by 77 percent and 100 percent in 2023.

He said: “Today, broadband can be accessed anywhere in the country, be it urban, rural or desert. We are the first African country to achieve this and the only one so far.”

Earlier, NACCIMA President Ide John Udeagbala said that the aim is to shift the narratives of smart and smart young Nigerians away from the negative narratives, including advance fee fraud, to the positives of the digital ecosystem.

“If you want to achieve efficient performance, you need to review the composition of the National Council to include OPSNs, which are the main drivers of the Nigerian economy,” Udeagbala said.

The organization urged the government to seriously consider the need to urgently restructure the national council to include at least three OPSN members to champion the achievement of this laudable goal.

President Buhari said that the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy had been rated very highly according to an independent assessment. He said that 70 percent is distinction and the digital sector has surpassed it. “We performed excellently in the eight priority areas of the sector.

“For example, in pillar number one, which is broadband penetration, we achieved 134%, in pillar number two, which is 4G penetration, we achieved 127%. In addition, we achieved 99 percent in the third pillar, the fourth pillar, which has to do with national identity, we achieved 94 percent.

“In the fifth pillar, which is the generation of quarterly income, we went from generating N51 billion in three months to N408 billion in three months.

The president further said, “in the sixth pillar we achieved a result of 103 percent, in the seventh pillar we achieved 111 percent, and in the eight pillars we achieved 137 percent.

“I am proud to say today that Buhari is the founder of the digital economy in Nigeria, the first president to develop the National Digital Economy Policy and Strategy.”

Given the call by the president of NACCIMA for the inclusion of the organized private sector in the National Council for Innovation and Digital Entrepreneurship, the president said that the provision has been made.