That Nigeria is not on the list of the most advanced countries in Africa sums up a long history of failure to maximize our potential. And the blame for this extends to the administrations, just as it reflects the quality of leadership and supporters in the country.

An Insider Monkey report titled: “Africa’s 12 Most Advanced Countries,” listed 12 countries in Africa that have been able to use their natural resources to boost their economies.

These countries, according to the report, are Côte d’Ivoire; Zimbabwe; Tanzania; Senegal; Namibia; Ghana; Egypt; Kenya; Botswana; Tunisia; Morocco and the Republic of South Africa.

To arrive at the methodology used in ranking the countries, the report’s editors said they consulted the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Global Innovation Index to find out which countries in Africa are the most advanced of the 56 states. sovereigns who are members of the United Nations.

While other metrics, such as the OECD patent…