“This (the prison attacks) has nothing to do with technology; it could even be related to climate change,” Aregbesola said.

Home Secretary Rauf Aregbesola has said repeated attacks on Nigerian prisons could be linked to climate change and the ‘global crisis’.

Aregbesola said this at the 64th session of the State House ministerial briefing hosted by the Presidential Communications Team at Aso Rock Villa, Abuja on Thursday.

At the event, the minister was asked who was responsible for a number of prison breaks in the country, including the recent attack on Kuje prison. Responding, he said: “It’s the season; I know you don’t want to hear it. Have we had what we have today in Nigeria before? It’s the season and it’s global.”

“Why are we having murders in the United States? As bad as it is, it’s horrible, but in the United States people are dying every second. In California, in the last week in the United States, 20 people have been murdered, no, did you ask why what? It has nothing to do with it.” it has to do with technology, it could even be related to climate change,” she said.

Mr. Aregbesola stated that some people turn to crime when they cannot manage their stability in the face of difficulties, scarcity and insecurity. He noted that the global tension that followed the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to the crisis around the world.

“Let’s not just look at COVID-19, the remaining 120 days intermittent, don’t you think those things will have an impact on society?” he said. “And in any case, the way to evaluate a government is this: What didn’t you do?”