The issue of National Security is always kept secret to minimize collateral damage and IIntelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance is the way to go, but Nigeria lags behind in terms of ISR capabilities.

These were the presentations by security expert, CEO of risk management company PR24 and fellow at the Nigerian Institute of Industrial Safety, Onyekachi Adekoya, on the midweek edition of ThisMorning with Nifemi Oguntoye.

The US government says they don’t negotiate with terrorists, but that’s what they say, but they just did a prisoner exchange with Russia. They made a deal with Iran and Russia as terrorists.

The world has even moved from ISR to directing fire based on its platforms so that it can coordinate with its surveillance assets and perform precision strikes in different locations.

He said Nigeria has federal investors in technology and sometimes you wonder why we can’t develop some of these capabilities.

Mr. Adekoya said that if we don’t have that, then he will resort to blind fighting or going out on blind fighting patrols, which we see the military doing in the North West now.

Speaking further, the security expert said that kidnapping for ransom is quite lucrative now.

He also noted that any sensible approach to security must be local.

“We don’t have state police. States can make laws, they can adjudicate, they can’t enforce.

Talking about how to deal with weapons proliferation and gun cleanup, the security expert said that you have to implement a carrot and stick approach and arm yourself very seriously, otherwise no one will take you seriously.

He noted that the reason we don’t hear a lot about ECOMOG is because there has been some decapitation of a certain Africa-centric regional force structure that we need to get back to.

Africa needs to take back its continent and clean up the madness in the Sahel.

“If all the countries that border the Sahel take some of these problems very seriously, you can address the problem of arms proliferation coming from that Sahel region and clean it up and then address the local issues, with its structure.

Speaking about the elections and the security threat declared by INEC, Mr. Adekoya said that he does not see any security threat.