The general supervisor of the City of Refuge, Lekki, Lagos State, Bishop Oscar Ossai, has said that Nigeria will continue in the dark as long as the church does not live up to its billing.

He noted that Nigeria’s problem is largely due to disunity in the church and inconsistent church leadership.

The cleric said: “The church has the presence, financial capacity and manpower to bring about change in Nigeria and achieve the desired impact that we are all clamoring for. But we are not making use of what we have.

“Rather, our leaders are busy building their individual empires and expanding their territories. There is so much selfishness in the church, especially among the leaders, and it is having a negative impact in Nigeria.”

He noted that the challenge has been that every church leader wants to champion a cause and be known for it.

“We want to take the credit. That’s why we can’t get leaders to come together to push a particular cause,” he said.

According to him, the church is Nigeria’s only hope. “This is the only institution left in Nigeria that could drive change. The church has a formidable structure that can galvanize political support and endorse credible politicians who will make an impact.”

He expressed concern about the attitude of the church people asking, “How can we have churches with 150,000 congregations, 200,000 congregations and yet the country doesn’t feel our impact? Why is it difficult for us to impact the grassroots?”

He said that with the number of churches, Christians should be the ones to decide the political direction of the country.

“But unfortunately, we’re not doing that. Instead, we have even become prey in the hands of corrupt politicians.

“Our leaders should see themselves taking positions and not hiding behind a finger. We need to take a stand for once for Jesus to set this country free.”

Ossai, who is also the Coordinator of the Center for Values, Change and Initiatives, noted that the church is not ready for politics.

“What I know is that the church as a body is not ready for politics. We don’t know the meaning of being called the light of the world and the salt of the world,” she added.

He said that many preachers think that God instituted the church to perform miracles and deliver prophecies. “That is far from the truth. Miracles and prophecies are only in passing. God instituted the church to bring about the kingdom of God on earth. It is the kingdom of peace, justice and joy in the Holy Spirit.