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INEC President Mahmood Yakubu speaking about the 2023 General Election for Chattam House London

As the 2023 general election approaches, the Chairman of the Independent National Election Commission, Professor Mahmood Yakubu, should not say that this year’s elections will be inclusive as voters gain access to more voting units.

Mahmood Yakubu for his analysis of the upcoming Nigerian election for Chatham House in London, says: “If you have the right to vote but you can’t vote, the right is nominal.”

Add to say that when the commission begins the program to expand voter access to voting units, one of the goals will be to relocate voting units to better facilities where needed and available.

INEC oga add say before the exercise, some voting units bin dey forests, shrines, ruined buildings and houses of ‘great men’

“This sometimes affects access for some politically selected voters and some of the places are not good for people with disabilities.”

“I’m happy to say that most of the problematic voting units have not been relocated and voters now get a better voting experience for 2023 than ever before.”

INEC says not to make them work with some ogbonge stakeholders to expand voter access to voting units by 2021 as we have the right to vote suppose we get to where to vote.

“By the end of the exercise, for the first time in 25 years since 1996, Nigeria now does not have 176,846 voting units compared to 119,974 before.”

Elections in Nigeria will be the most important for West Africa

Oga Mahmood says that the elections for Nigeria attract international attention and concern about the importance of di kontri. ”And to carry out general elections for di kontri not to be small tin”, e add.

“According to the figures we compiled from West African electoral commissions and home ministries, Nigeria’s current voter population is over 16.7 million and 76.7 million pip is registered for all ode countries together, and we obtain 14 ode choices for di sub-region.”

Oga Mahmud explains, let’s say, that one means that Nigeria’s general elections are like holding elections for all of West Africa and beyond.

Di INEC says youth are going to dominate this year’s elections as records do not show Nigerian youth registering well to vote in elections.

“Even most of the PVCs he collected was the young Pipo.”

“Of the 93.4 million, 70.4 million registered voters were between the ages of 18 and 49, Oga Mahmood tok.

“Good elections are not only to stop bad practices, but also to guarantee inclusion.” Oga Mahmoud tok.

Apart from the postponement of the elections, INEC Oga says that the commission has no reason or plan to change the 2023 general elections, as they must go ahead to carry out as scheduled for February 25 and March 11, 2023 .

Oga Mahmoud also adds to say that even though the bin have many challenges and expectations facing INECs, but they enjoy “ogbonge” goodwill for Nigeria and beyond as electoral bodies.

“We can overcome the challenges and ensure that the elections continue to improve”, E tok.

Early preparation for elections di

Mahmoud Yakubu says that INEC has not started preparing for the 2023 elections for 18 months. And I say the reason is, shall we say, one of the important lessons to be learned from the 2019 election, as great planning and preparations are important.

E mean early election of election technology management tools, especially the main election technology that is critical to the success of the day

I add that the INEC does not also improve the technology that we are going to use for the election, but I say that I am not going to divulge the new sheet that I am going to do to improve.

According to Oga Mahmoud, politicians often try to mess up the process by attacking the technology, or make them cast doubt by saying that the cans work fine.

And add to say that it is not why the commission adopted the technology of advance accreditation of voters, with the use of the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System.

Oga Mahmoud come to remind the public that the PVC collection will end on January 29th.

Di INEC oga says “we finalized for the sake of the elections, we are going to publish the amount of PVCs that were collected in the voting unit per voting unit throughout the country.”