Abuja: Communications and Digital Economy Minister Isa Pantami said the federal government would use 5G technology to address insecurity in the country. Pantami spoke Tuesday in Abuja at the official launch/rollout of 5G network service by MAFAB Communications.

He said there were many economic benefits from 5G technology and that the government would take advantage of it to help security agencies curb insecurity.

The minister said: “There are so many technologies and artificial intelligence to help our security institutions. All of them effectively take advantage of all 5G. So this adds to the economic benefits.

“So 5G enables real-time communications, and this has so many benefits for our security institutions, if they take advantage of it, because there are so many technology facilities in security leveraging 5G to allow our security institutions to manage our security challenges effectively. like robots

“The benefits of 5G deployment go beyond the quality of service. There are many benefits, because the new technology comes with new benefits such as low latency, very high-quality broadband, faster network and enables real-time communication. or near real time 5G can help with that.

“Today, the use of 5G virtual surgery is going on all over the world. They did it in the US and also in China. They recently did a virtual surgery where the distance between the surgeon and the patient is of more than 3000 kilometers, but the surgery was carried out successfully and in China they did it recently as well”.

Praising the resilience of the MAFAB Chairman, Pantami said, “MAFAB has joined the queue. I congratulate the MAFAB Chairman on his commitment to the success of MAFAB. It is absolutely difficult to have a new player, who joined the sector within a small period of time and also to be competing with some of the active players in the industry.”

Mafab Chairman Mushabu Bashir, in his welcome address, stated: “It is no secret that the countries that can provide their citizens with the latest network infrastructure that 5G represents will also be the ones that will prosper in the years to come. “

Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) Executive Vice President Professor Umar Danbatta said the federal government under President Muhammed Buhari had created an environment conducive to investment and innovation, which saw the rise of Mafab Communications.