The Nigerian Army has retained its 35th place in the world military ranking in 2022.

The Global Fire Power Ranking had ranked the Nigerian Armed Forces 35th out of 142 countries considered for the previous year’s annual ranking.

Nigeria is said to have a ‘PwrIndx’ score of 0.5745 (a score of 0.0000 is considered ‘perfect’). Nations are evaluated based on individual and collective values ​​processed through their internal formula which are used to generate the ‘PwrIndx’ score.

With the ranking, the Nigerian Army is ranked as the third best on the continent. Only Egypt, with a PwrIndx score of 0.1869, was ranked 12th in the world and number one in Africa.

Algeria ranks 2nd in Africa and 31st in the world with a PwrIndx score of 0.4724.

Global Fire Power put the total population of the Nigerian Army at 219,463,862, ranking 6th in the world.

In addition, it is said that the available workforce is 116,315,847; fit for duty, 83,835,195; total military personnel, 215,000; active personnel, 135,000; reserve personnel 0 and paramilitaries, 80,000.

The organization also said that Nigeria had a total of 140 aircraft, 14 interceptors, 15 attack helicopters, 26 training aircraft and six special mission aircraft, among others.

On land, the Nigerian Army is said to have 376 tanks, 2019 armored vehicles; 44 self-propelled artillery; 349 towed artillery; mine warfare, two; and 47 rocket projectors.

He said that while the Nigerian Navy had a total of 133 assets, one frigate and 109 patrol boats, the military arm, however, had no aircraft carriers or helicopters, destroyers, corvettes or submarines.