Nigerian actor, Fredrick Leonard, has counseled single people on what marriage is all about while using himself and his marriage as an example.

The 42-year-old Nigerian actor shared this in an Instagram post where he updates his fans on how his day went, sharing a photo of himself wearing his wife’s wig with her hairstyle and blow dryer on the wig.

It seems his wife, Peggy Ovire-Leonard, hadn’t brought a mannequin on a getaway, so she offered to have it used to straighten the wig.

“Yeah nah! This is marriage, use me, I use you. So, my wife today is using me as her dummy. Because we’re on our way, on a short getaway.

“So, we are not at home, we are in a really special and nice place. And she didn’t come with her dummy. She couldn’t even have come up with it. So, I’m standing like the mannequin. Na so e be o!”

When illustrating single men about marriage, Freddie said things like what he was doing and that other sacrifices needed to be made…