He said that the project had the support of the MacArthur Foundation and the Center for Information, Technology and Development (CITAD).

According to her, the app has news check feature, image check feature, and voter education feature to check for misinformation that can cause violence during elections.

“During elections, fake news is used to create a lot of voter apathy, so you see a lot of news like 50 people have been killed in a particular local government.

“And that is why the people who have their PVCs are not going to want to go out and vote because they are afraid.

“But when you find out, you will see that this information is not true, but when the voters do not show up, then it will be easy for them to rig the elections.

“And those are the kinds of problems that the Run-Am app aims to solve,” she said.

He added that the organization was working to ensure that the app would run in our local languages ​​and English pidgin, to make it easy for all Nigerians to access.

Mr. Victor Alukodirector of education and electoral advertising of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) thanked the company for its efforts to combat false news that can undermine electoral processes in the country.

“We are going to a serious election that will be contested by powerful individuals and political parties and will see a situation in which the electoral process will be affected in several directions.

“When we get that, you’ll see a huge mix of fake news, misinformation and disinformation, and we’re looking at how we can manage our results to make sure people aren’t misinforming Nigerians.

“So when we get this kind of app, from reputable organizations like this, we tend to identify with them and express our happiness that it comes from a Nigerian organization.” he said.

For his part, Mr. Dayo OlaideDeputy Country Director, MacArthur Foundation Africa Office, added that democracy continued to face global threats around the world.

He added that to save the country’s democracy, Nigerians must start paying more attention to electoral accountability and denounce those who make inflammatory statements and spread false news.

“As we launch the app today, we will need our citizens to move beyond exposing this misinformation and start demanding that those who are driving this type of attack on our democracy be brought to justice.

“This responsibility is not only of the INEC, it is a shared responsibility, the government, the citizenry and also the media must hold all the actors accountable for their actions,” added.