The founder of the National Council of Licensed Customs Brokers CEOs, Mr. Lucky Amiwero, has said that Nigerian licensed customs brokers can practice all over the world.

Amiwero, in an exclusive chat with Saturday PUNCH on Wednesday, he said many Nigerian customs agents already mastered clearance operations in other climes such as Europe and the United States.

He also said that agents have migrated to some African ports, where there were better policies, in search of better pastures.

Amiwero said that FIATA covers freight forwarders and not customs brokers.

“You can see that the licensed customs brokers who have been leaving the country are not only going abroad, but most of them are also in Ghana, Cotonou, Togo, among others. They are everywhere. People are leaving the country because they find out the economy is bad. They are leaving the country to do Customs brokerage. There’s nothing like FIATA in America. What you have there is custom brokerage. They do not go through FIATA. FIATA is related to transportation; it is not a custom brokerage. In the United States, you don’t need a freight forwarder license.”

Amiwero said some of its Nigerian-trained members were practicing in places like Canada, among others.

“They were trained and certified here. None of those who talk about FIATA can train anyone. They don’t even understand what the procedure is about. FIATA is for carriers and we are not carriers. We are under the finance ministry and not transport.”

Corroborating Amiwero, former president of NCMDLCA’s Ports & Terminal Multipurpose Limited chapter, Abayomi Duyile, said customs brokerage is more lucrative abroad.

“Many Nigerians are now in the freight forwarding business in Europe. Nigerians are involved in most of the cargo coming into the country from Europe because it is a very lucrative business in Europe and the US They are very well sponsored. In the US, there is a precondition, where you have to do certain training before practicing. Unlike Nigeria where you can only practice.”

Meanwhile, the acting national president of the Nigerian Licensed Customs Brokers Association, Kayode Farinto, said it is easier to practice in developed climates like Europe than in African countries due to indigenization.