Nigerian Military Commissions Expert Center in Abuja

Chief of Defense Staff (CDS), General Lucky Irabor, on Thursday inaugurated the Nigerian Army Future and Heritage Center (NAHFC), a think tank for the future development of the army.

Irabor said the center was established to build a pool of competent and dedicated officers and address the peculiar challenges of the Nigerian military.

He said the center would serve as the army’s research center in the formulation and development of policy frameworks.

According to him, the heritage and future center will add value to the army in terms of preserving its history and taking advantage of the lessons of all operations through critical analysis.

“It is pertinent for me to mention the central role that research plays in providing constructive solutions to the myriad of problems facing the Nigerian military.

“The dynamics of the Nigerian military’s operating environment demands that we x-ray the lenses of engagement across a number of subject areas.

“It is my fervent hope that this center provides a real opportunity for serving and retired officers to contribute to the future development and modernization agenda of the Nigerian Army, through focused research.

“I am pleased to note that the center has a directorate dedicated to improving articulation and operations, as well as other activities with sister services.

“Overall, I hope the center will add momentum to the system through innovative ideas for the problem-solving approach of the Nigerian Army in particular and the Nigerian Armed Forces in general,” he said.

The CDS urged the officers who would be deployed to work to achieve the established goals and set the tone for greater excellence of the army and the armed forces in general.

He appreciated the contributions of the Nigerian Army officers and men in defending the territorial integrity of Nigeria, in conjunction with sister services.

The Chief of the Army Staff (COAS), Lt.-Gen. Faruk Yahaya said that the Nigerian military had undergone a significant transformation since the advent of democracy.

He stated that the main driver was professionalism to achieve operational successes and improve the image of the Nigerian Army.

Yahaya said the Nigerian military had continued to consolidate in the various transformations on record and vowed to implement measures that would prevent a reversal of gains.

Yahaya said that the Army has been bringing together highly qualified, competent and experienced officers and others with the necessary competencies to address thematic and specific challenges of the Nigerian Army.

“This will be achieved through productive research, analytical studies on suggestions for novel solutions to make the Nigerian Army a more effective, resilient and adaptable force.

“In this way, I approved the establishment of the center to, among other key functions, develop a plan for the entrenchment and heritage preservation of the Nigerian Army.

“It is to provide strategic inputs for future planning and controls, the modernization of the Nigerian Army and to act as a loyal opposition to the Nigerian Army by constantly denouncing inconsistencies and failures within the system,” he said.

COAS said the center would also work to institutionalize and maintain a novel solution to the Nigerian military’s tactical, operational, training, administrative and logistical challenges.

He added that accurate future forecasting based on sound analysis and research will facilitate the establishment of frameworks that ensure the deployment of adaptable, resilient and effective forces to confront and defeat current and emerging threats.

According to him, the center will be a factory of ideas that take the Nigerian army into the future.

Yahaya praised the efforts of the officers and soldiers for their commitment to ongoing operations aimed at ridding the nation of all threats.

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