The Nigerian Navy in Calabar, Cross River State, has adopted a new method of operation to facilitate its operations in policing the Calabar River and other territorial waters in the state and beyond, the Saturday Tribune reports.

NAVY Commander, Nigerian Navy Ship Victory (NNSV), Calabar, Commodore Ifeanyi Chidi Okpala, gives a hint at his farewell parade and handover at the Base HQ in Calabar.

“The Nigerian Navy ship Victory recently reviewed its policing operations and adopted a concept of operations aimed at effectively curbing the threats of militancy, piracy and crude oil theft, which are prevalent in the Niger Delta region.

“The adoption of this concept of operation has ensured constant control along the Calabar River, the deployment of static defenses along offshore oil facilities, and support for civil authority through various internal security operations. .

“This concept of operation is carried out in three ways: the outer channel operation, the inner channel approach and the broad land approach,” Okpala explained.

The Commander of the Naval Base who handed over the Command to his successor, Commodore Vincent Gbaranwi, on Friday, January 27, 2022, regretted that the Command had lost some of its men in the course of operations, explaining that the Command had severe operations against pirates. , hijackers, tankers and other criminal elements.

“Today marks exactly 351 days since I took over as Commander in NNS-Victory. It’s my last day as your Commander.

“We have conducted kinetic operations involving various offensive operations against sea robbers, hijackers and militants.

“The Base destroyed several camps of militants and kidnappers, which allowed the release of some kidnapped victims and the recovery of weapons and other valuables.

“We made significant efforts to curb smuggling and illegal fueling activities. Unfortunately, some of our brave men paid the ultimate price for these efforts. We contributed significantly to the successes of Operation Akpaku in curbing criminal activity within Cross River State.

On Saturday, the Tribune gathered that the NNSV 50 commander handed over the Command to his successor, Commodore Vincent Gbaranwi, who is now in charge of the base.

Gbaranwi wished his predecessor well and expressed confidence in a fresh start at his new base in Calabar.