He noted that some Nigerians who fled abroad in search of greener pastures ended up facing hardship.

“Those who are racing abroad are suffering. we’ve been there Anyone who tells you you can’t do something, pray you can do it,” he said.

According to the APC presidential standard bearer, Lagos as a state is better than many countries in the western world.

He stressed that if the Igbo were to collaborate with his expected government, it would turn the geopolitical zone into a center of manufacturing.

Speaking particularly of Enugu, tinubu he said it would make Enugu a bigger industrial center than it is today.

He described his campaign organization as a moving train that was poised to win the election, saying that any attempt to stand in front of the moving train would end in fiasco.

You cannot block the path of success. Only the ignorant will remain on the path of victory.

“We are not looking for 25 percent of the vote. We are working assiduously until Bola Ahmed Tinubu becomes president of Nigeria.” he is stressed.

Tinubu urged the people of Enugu State and the Igbos in general to vote for him to share in the sharing of the great national cake.

“Only when you invest can you reap. Only when they vote for me will they share the national cake.’‘ he stated.

Mr Uche NnajiAPC gubernatorial candidate in Enugu State, Governor Hope Uzodimma of imo and Governor Umahi de Ebonyi also addressed the rally simultaneously.

However, they differed on the percentage of votes that Tinubu would get in the southeast.

While Nnaji opted for 30 percent of the vote, Uzodimma said he expected a landslide victory, while Umahi opted for 90 percent of the geopolitical zone vote.

“We have to vote for APC so we don’t lose. We are not looking at 60 percent or 80 percent, but 100 percent of the votes,Umahi said.