Pranksters are currently trying to dominate the parody mating space in Nigeria. However, a number of Nigerians are already concerned about the extreme content they are distributing.

A prank is defined as a mischievous act or prank played on someone, usually causing the victim to experience embarrassment, bewilderment, confusion, or discomfort.

It has become a common feature in the Nigerian parody-making space today.

For example: prank videos from MC Makopolo, Machigold, Zfancy, Alice Marve and others abound.

However, no matter how funny these prank videos look, there seems to be imminent danger. The puzzle is, would Nigerians miss the potential dangers of laughing out loud?

DAILY POST scoured the streets for answers.

One Stephanie David said: “Some of these jokes are disgusting and extremely over the top. Most of these pranks are regardless of the potential danger to the lives of those on the receiving end of the prank. I once saw a video of a woman who almost burned herself from fear…