Bello Sisqo is a Nigerian-born singer, songwriter and dancer living in Germany. In this interview, the young artist talks about his stay abroad, his relationship with Nigerian singers and various other topics.

WIs this where you got the name Sisqo from?

My name is Bello Abubakar Sheriff, but I am known in the entertainment industry as Bello Sisqo. I was born in Borno State’s Bama LGA on November 1, 1998. However, I grew up in Kano State where I attended mainstream and Islamic schools before venturing into entertainment.

Why entertainment?

Entertainment is something that is inherent in me. At a very tender age I was a dancer and began teaching dance at the Farida Cinema at Rijiyar Lemu in Kano. Later I became a dance tutor at Kannywood. I taught dance steps for most Ali Nuhu and Adam Zango movies. Over time I developed the ability to sing, so I decided to give it a try. I started recording my songs at Auwal DJ Studio and in no time I started filming my…