Iglesia Hogar de Dios founder and former presidential candidate Chris Okotie has warned that Nigeria’s survival depends on its restructuring.

According to Okotie’s New Year message posted by his media adviser, Ladi Ayodeji, the cleric said Nigeria would need strong governance structures and stable politics if it were to overcome the 2023 global economic crisis predicted by experts.

“Following up his campaign for an interim government that began in 2019, Okotie said that for Nigeria to overcome the global economic hurdles of 2023 predicted by experts, the country would need strong governance structures and stable politics that are absent from the current constitution. ”. he said in the statement, adding that, “unless his proposal for aboriginal democracy is adopted, the country could plunge into a serious socio-political and economic crisis.”

The interim government activist noted that with 80 per cent of Nigeria’s revenue being used to pay off its current N77 trillion debt, against a backdrop of a bloated bureaucracy, the country has no choice under the current constitution but to continue borrowing to run the country.

He said: “In light of this reality, a new constitution is required to deal with all existential problems in all spheres of our national life, so aboriginal democracy is recommended.”

According to the statement, Okotie expressed concern that the International Monetary Fund warned that a third of the world, including Nigeria, would be in recession this year.

He urged his congregation at his church, during the New Year service, to pray for the peace and prosperity of Nigeria.

“All members of this church should continue to set aside a few hours to pray for Nigeria because the House of God was created to play a pivotal role in the destiny of this country, which is why I am involved in the political process,” he said. saying.