Sports journalist Godwin Enakhena has expressed concern about the poor state of sports in Nigeria and predicted that the country was not going to see a reversal of fortunes.

Enakhena pointed out that sports in Nigeria are conducted as a recreation, rather than a business.

Enakhena, in a conversation with The PUNCH, said that the state of sports in the country was a reflection of how sports were run in the country.

He added that until the country uses sports as an economic engine, the sports industry will continue to suffer.

“I have said this many times and for emphasis let me repeat that until we fix Nigeria, sports will remain what it is, mere recreation,” Enakhena told The PUNCH.

“We can keep pretending that everything will be fine, but the truth is that everything will not be. Our biggest challenge is that successive governments across the board have refused to focus on their responsibilities, which are to provide an enabling environment, build infrastructure and provide grants where necessary.

“We all say that sports is a multi-billion dollar industry that is being run by the government that is not in the business of making a profit but of providing services.

“Nothing will change in 2023, as the difference will remain the same with one step forward and 10 steps back. The government must play its role the way it does universally.”

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