After the conclusion of the 2021/22 NPFL season in July, the resumption of the Nigerian top flight has been under great uncertainty.

The Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) general election in September also meant that members of the League Management Company (LMC), the body that dictates the affairs of the NPFL, were replaced by an interim body – the IMC.

But after multiple postponements, IMC president Elegbeleye has now vehemently stated that the body will stick to its original decisions in a bid to make the league work.

With the new season already delayed, the IMC suggested a shortened format for the league to ensure it is finished by June/July, however some clubs opposed the idea.

Speaking in an interview with AIT, Elegbeleye insisted that there is no going back on the IMC decision.

“Some club owners wanted the last four best teams to represent Nigeria for the next season on the continent because they want the league to end in July,” he said.

“The NFF advised that we should go for an abbreviated league. The president of a club reported that his players want to rest because they played on the continent.

“The league will start on January 8 with draws for December 28 in a 100% abbreviated format, any club that is not ready could decide to leave.”

More revealing plans for the new season, Elegbeleye stated that fans will get a chance to see their favorite teams.

“NPFL will be in NTA as we have a guarantee from them. For the cable network, it may not start with the first games, but later in the season.

“We will not owe him any referees for next season despite inheriting a referee debt of 500 million naira,” he added.

Rivers United emerged winners from the previous season, setting a new title-winning points record of 77 from 38 games, to clinch the trophy for the first time since its formation in 2016.